Appendix A
175 Good Works for Bible School Classes
1.         ADAM AND EVE:  Plant some house plants to be given to newcomers to the community or church, or to

2.         CAIN AND ABEL:  Write letters to be sent to a prison or juvenile home.  

3.         TOWER OF BABEL:  Make invitations for your friends to come to Bible study so they can reach God through
the tower of scriptures.  

4.         NOAH AND THE ARK:  Go out on the lawn and throw bread crumbs to the birds.  

5.         ABRAHAM AND SARAH MOVE:  Make "Welcome to Our Town" cards to give newcomers.  

6.         ABRAHAM AND LOT DIVIDE THEIR LAND:  Bring an item of clothing that is good to give away.  

7.         ABRAHAM AND SARAH HAVE A SON:  Make and send cards to one or more parents in the newspaper who just
had a baby.  

8.         LOT/SODOM AND GOMORRAH:  Bring some money to buy Bibles to give visitors or people in other nations.  

9.         HAGAR AND ISHMAEL WANDER:  Bring some food to give to someone in need.  

10.       ABRAHAM OFFERS ISAAC:  Sacrifice some clothing nd bring it to give someone in need.  

11.       ISAAC MARRIES REBECCA:  Have a special prayer for everyone in your class for their future husband or wife,
whoever or wherever they may be.  

12.       ESAU SELLS HIS BIRTHRIGHT TO JACOB:  Make scrapbooks of God's gifts to his children to send   children in
the hospital.  

13.       JACOB DECEIVES ISAAC:  Buy a Braille Bible for a blind person, or make a braille greeting card.  

14.       JACOB AND THE ANGELS ON THE LADDER:  Make cards about heaven to send nursing home patients.  

15.       JACOB WORKS 14 YEARS FOR RACHAEL:  Write a Christian or neighbor asking if you may do odd jobs all
week to pay for postage on clothing going  to a missionary.  

16.       JOSEPH SOLD BY JEALOUS BROTHERS:  Send   a card to a friend who recently won something and tell them
you are glad.  

17.       JOSEPH INTERPRETS DREAMS IN JAIL:  Send a letter or card to a prisoner or someone you may know who
just got out of jail.  

18.       THE SEVEN-YEAR FAMINE IN EGYPT:  Bring food to give someone in need.  

19.       JOSEPH FORGIVES HIS BROTHERS:  Write a letter or card to someone you treated you badly this week and
tell them you're sorry.  

20.       MOSES FOUND BY PHAROAH'S DAUGHTER:  Send cards to someone with a new baby.  

21.       TEN PLAGUES ON EGYPT:  Send tape recording to a missionary who is being persecuted.  

22.       QUAILS AND MANNA:  Bring food for needy.  

23.       TABERNACLE BUILT:  Make a model tabernacle.  

24.       TEN COMMANDMENTS:  Write a note to your parents telling them you love and want to obey  them in doing

25.       NADAB AND ABIHU OFFER STRANGE FIRE:  Write a letter to your elders telling them you want   to always
follow God's way.  

26.       SPIES IN CANAAN:  Make a welcome card for a newcomer.  

27.       BALAAM BLESSES ISRAEL INSTEAD OF ENEMY: Write a puppet play about standing alone for what Jesus
would want.  Perform it for a younger class.  

28.       MOSES DIES AFTER 40 YEARS LEADING WANDERING JEWS:  Make cards for elderly Christians thanking
them for being faithful so long.              

29.       TWO SPIES SENT INTO CANAAN:  Make thank you cards for someone keeping foster children.  

30.       JOSHUA MARCHES AROUND JERICHO:  Make bumper or window stickers about loving and following God or
about God's love and power.  

31.       ACHAN STEALS AND MAKES ISRAEL FALL IN BATTLE:  Write a note to someone from whom you borrowed
something saying you'll return it this week.  

32.       SUN AND MOON STAND STILL:  Make some overhead transparencies showing how science and the Bible
agree.  Show them to your parents.  

33.       DEBORAH AND BARAK CONQUER CANAANITES:  Make a poster about fighting sin.  

34.       GIDEON AND MIDIANITE MULTITUDE:  Go somewhere where people walk by and hand them invitations to

35.       SAMSON'S STRENGTH:  Plan a class party that will build up Christianity.  

36.       RUTH MARRIES A PRINCE:  Make a card to send   a newly wed couple.  Go to newspaper to find one if

37.       SAMUEL BORN AND DEDICATED:  Write this story as a play and put it on a tape recorder for a younger class.  

38.       SAUL ANOINTED KING:  Write a letter to your mayor.  

39.       SAUL BECOMES ARROGANT AND DISOBEDIENT:  Write a note to someone you disobeyed this week and say
you'll do better.    

40.       DAVID SECRETLY ANOINTED KING:  Write a letter to the President or Prime Minister.  

41.       DAVID KILLS GOLIATH:  Send an invitation to worship to a grown up.  

42.       SAUL TRIES TO KILL DAVID:  Send a note to someone being treated badly for doing good.  

43.       DAVID BECOMES KING:  Write a letter to someone with a lot of money and thank them for remaining Christian.  

44.       DAVID AND BATHSHEBA:  If you have something that does not belong to you, write a note to the owner saying
you'll return it.  

45.       ABSALOM TRIES TO STEAL THE KINGDOM:  Write a letter to your parents telling them you love them.  

46.       DAVID GIVES THRONE TO SOLOMON:  Write someone you want to be like when you grow up.  

47.       SOLOMON CHOOSES WISDOM:  Bring pictures of nature to send a missionary for their Bible class material.  

48.       THE TEMPLE IS BUILT:  Make a model temple.  

49.       SOLOMON'S RICHES:  Bring money to mail pictures to a missionary.  

50.       CIVIL WAR DIVIDES ISRAEL:  Write a missionary    in a war-torn land.  

51.       NORTHERN KINGDOM WORSHIPS CALF:  Make a tape of your class singing and give it to a shut-in.  

52.       AHAB AND JEZEBEL STEAL A VINEYARD:  Bring food for the needy.  

53.       ELIJAH DESTROYS BALL WORSHIPPERS:  Record a devotional on tape and send or take it to a shut-in.  

54.       ELIJAH GOES TO HEAVEN IN CHARIOT OF FIRE:  Write a sympathy/encouragement card to family of a
deceased Christian.  

55.       ELISHA INCREASES WIDOW'S OIL:  Bring some food for needy.  

56.       ELISHA RAISES SHUNAMITE SON:  Make sympathy card to family whose child has gone to heaven.  Tell about
the resurrection.  

57.NAAMAN'S LEPROSY HEALED:  Make a get-well card for someone.  

58.       INVISIBLE CHARIOTS CONQUER SAMARITANS AND SYRIANS:  Send a letter to a serviceman away from

59.       ASSYRIANS CAPTURE NORTHERN KINGDOM:  Make as many invitations to church as possible to put on
doors of houses near the church building.  

60.       ASA DESTROYS IDOLS IN SOUTHERN KINGDOM:  Make posters about today's idols.  

61.       JOASH SAVED FROM WICKED GRANDMOTHER: Write a letter or card to your grandmother who is nice to

62.       JOASH REFORMS JUDAH AT 20:  Do some cleaning work in or around your church building.  

63.       UZZIAH LEAVES GOD AND GETS LEPROSY:  Send get-well cards.  

64.       AHAZ WORSHIPS IDOLS:  Write a missionary who works in a country that has idols.  

65.       HEZEKIAH REOPENS THE TEMPLE:  Clean part of the church building.  

66.       HEZEKIAH'S LIFE EXTENDED 15 YEARS:  Make hospital tray favors.  

67.       MANASSEH MARTYRS ISAIAH:  Write thank you letter to elders who lead us to stand up for right.  

68.       UZZIAH REFORMS JUDAH:  Send church tracts to the parents of your friends.  

69.       JEHOIAKIM TRIES TO KILL JEREMIAH:  Write thank-you letter to your minister.  

70.       EZRA REBUILDS TEMPLE:  Do some work in the   church building to fix it up.  

71.       NEHEMIAH REBUILDS JERUSALEM WALLS:  Do some work on the church building lawn.  

72.       QUEEN ESTHER SAVES THE JEWS:  Write a letter of appreciation to the elders' wives.  

73.       JOB SUFFERS PATIENTLY:  Send get-well card to someone.  

74.       DAVID WRITES PSALMS:  Sing and teach songs to a younger class.  

75.       SOLOMON WRITES PROVERBS:  Make a scrap book about proverbs to send assisted-care home residents.  

76.       ISAIAH PROPHECIES CHRIST:  Bring pictures to    send a missionary to help teach about God to children

77.       JEREMIAH JAILED FOR WARNING KINGS:  Write   a letter to the editor about our nation's need for God.  

78.       EZEKIEL SEES INTO HEAVEN:  Write poems about heaven to send nursing home patients.  

79.       DANIEL AND FRIENDS REFUSE KING'S JUNK FOOD:  Bring food for needy.  

80.       THREE MEN SAVED IN FURNACE:  Write a missionary's children and encourage them.  

81.       WRITING ON THE WALL:  Send invitations to Bible class to friends.  

82.       HOSEA DEPICTS UNFAITHFUL WIFE, ISRAEL:   Make cards for newly weds.  

83.       JOEL PREDICTS HOLY SPIRIT:  Make bookmarks for Bibles, the Sword of the Spirit.  

84.       AMOS WARNS ISRAEL OF DOOM:  Write a letter to a friend who no longer comes to Bible class.  

85.       OBADIAH PREDICTS DOOM OF EDOMITES (ESAUITES): Write to a church in a mission area of the U.S. and
ask what it is like.  

86.       JONAH SWALLOWED BY FISH: Cut out pictures to  send a missionary for Bible class materials.  

87.       MICAH PREDICTS JESUS BORN AT    BETHLEHEM:   Make a birthday card to send someone special.  

88.       NAHUM PREDICTS FALL OF NINEVEH:  Write a prison ministry and ask what it is like working with ex-convicts.  

89.      HABAKKUK PREDICTS INVASION OF SOUTHERN KINGDOM:  Write a congregation in a war-torn country and
encourage them.  

90.       ZEPHANIAH PREDICTS A FEW JEWS WILL RETURN:  Call absentees on church office phone and tell them
you miss them.  

91.       HAGGAI ENCOURAGES REBUILDING TEMPLE:     Make something for your church building.  

92.       ZECHARIAH ENCOURAGES REBUILDING TEMPLE:  Redecorate classroom.  

93.       MALACHI PREDICTS ELIJAH (JOHN) WILL INTRODUCE SAVIOR:  Write and record a skit and ask a local radio
station it if can be aired.  

94.       JESUS IS BORN:  Make a toy or mobile for a baby.  

95.       JESUS TO TEMPLE AT 12:  Write letter to your parents explaining how you love the church.  

96.       JESUS BAPTIZED:  Examine the baptistery.  

97.       JESUS TEMPTED:  Make a list of magazines you do not think should be sold at a local store and send it to the

98.       FIRST MIRACLE IN CANA:  Plan a snack and songs for younger class.  

99.       CLEANSES TEMPLE OF THIEVES:  Bring money to buy Bibles for Eastern Europe or some other place where
Bibles are hard to find for purchase.  

100.    TALKS WITH SAMARITAN WOMAN:  Send letter to children worshipping in another land and try to become pen

101.    NOBLEMAN'S SON HEALED:  Send favors to children's ward of hospital.  

102.    HEALS WITHERED HANDS ON SABBATH:  Send   cards to sick.  

103.    SENDS OUT APOSTLES BY TWOS:  Write cards of appreciation to your deacons.  

104.    SERMON ON THE MOUNT:  Make overhead transparencies describing different points in this sermon and ask
the preacher if they could be used in one of his sermons.  

105.    JOHN THE BAPTIST BEHEADED:  Plan a class party with Christ-like things to do.  

106.    STORM CALMED:  Make a scrap book of God's power over nature to give residents of an assisted-living

107.    JAIRUS' DAUGHTER RAISED:  Send favors or cards to children in the hospital.  

108.    5000 FED:  Bring food for needy.  

109.    TRANSFIGURATION:  Bring money for Bibles to declare God's word for people in Eastern Europe or where ever
Bibles are hard to find.  

110.    SPEAKS IN PARABLES:  Write present-day parables and ask if they can be put in bulletin.  

111.    GOOD SAMARITAN:  Make love cards for children of a church with another nationality.  

112.    PRODIGAL SON:  Make and send cards to someone in a juvenile home.  

113.    RICH YOUNG RULER:  Bring a toy you enjoy to give children in the hospital.  

114.    RICH MAN AND LAZARUS:  Bring clothes or food   for needy.  

115.    TEN LEPERS HEALED:  Send tray favors to a hospital.  

116.    BLIND MAN HEALED:  Bring money for braille Bible or make a braille I Love You card.  

117.    LAZARUS RAISED FROM DEAD:  Make sympathy card and talk about our resurrection in it.  

118.    ZACCHAEUS:  Make a banner about Jesus' love and hang it in church lobby one week.  

119.    TRIUMPHAL ENTRY INTO JERUSALEM:  Have sidewalk parade for a couple blocks, carrying banners and
singing or enter local town parade.  

120.    TEMPLE CLEANSED - WIDOW'S MITE:  Bring money for Bibles.  

121.    PARABLE OF THE VIRGINS:  Send cards to newly weds.  

122.    PARABLE OF THE TALENTS:  Look through Christian college yearbooks or other picture sources to see what it
is like to be educated in that atmosphere.  

123.    LAST SUPPER:  Examine elements of the Lord's Supper.  

124.    AGONY IN GETHSEMANE:  Send a note to someone being treated badly for doing good.  

125.    JESUS' TRIAL:  Write a local judge and thank him   for being just and invite him to services.  

126.    JESUS CRUCIFIXION:  Write poems about Jesus' death.  Ask if they can be printed in the newspaper.  

127.    JESUS' RESURRECTION:  Send sympathy cards and talk about heaven.  

128.    JESUS APPEARS TO DISCIPLES:  Sing songs of Jesus on tape and send to a shut-in.  

129.    JESUS' ASSENSION TO HEAVEN:  Pick a folk tune and make up words to it about Jesus going to heaven.  Sing
it to a class of adults.  

130.    THE CHURCH BEGINS ON PENTECOST:  Mark map of world showing where different major languages are

131.    PETER AND JOHN IMPRISONED: Write a missionary working near or in a nation hostile to Christians.  

132.    ANANIAS AND SAPPHIRE:  Bring money you earned his week to buy Bibles.  

133.    STEPHEN STONED:  Write a missionary who works with Jews or Moslems.  

134.    ETHIOPIAN EUNUCH CONVERTED:  Write a black preacher or congregation in Africa a thank-you note for their

135.    SAUL CONVERTED:  Write editor of a Christian magazine a thank-you note.  

136.    PETER RAISES DORCAS:  Send letters of thank you to elderly Christian lady who helps others.  

137.    GENTILE CORNELIUS CONVERTED:  Write a serviceman away from home.  

138.    JAMES KILLED, PETER IMPRISONED:  Write someone in jail telling them Jesus loves them.  

139.    GOVERNOR OF CYPRUS CONVERTED:  Write your governor/premier and say you are praying for him/her.  

140.    PAUL AND BARNABUS STONED AT LYSTRA:  Write a missionary who was forced to leave a country for

141.    THE MACEDONIAN CALL:  Make invitations to worship to put up on grocery-store bulletin boards.  

142.    LYDIA CONVERTED:  Bring material scraps for a quilt.  

143.    PHILIPPIAN JAILER CONVERTED:  Write your Chief of Police and thank him for protecting you, and invite him to
church services.  

144.    PAUL PREACHES IN ATHENS BEFORE IDOLS:  Write an airport and bus station to see if you could place some
tracts there.  

145.    DIANA IMAGES BURNED IN EPHESUS:  Write a congregation in a country that has idols.  

146.    PAUL ARRESTED FOR PREACHING IN JERUSALEM:  Pass out tracts at a place where people walk by.  

147.    PAUL BEFORE FELIX:  Send a letter to a relative who is not a Christian explaining why Jesus loves them.  

148.    PAUL BEFORE FESTUS AND AGRIPPA:  Write an advertisement for the newspaper asking people to come to

149.    SHIP WRECKED:  Send cookies to a serviceman,   possibly in the Navy.  

150.    PAUL WRITES LETTERS IN PRISON FROM ROME:  Write a letter to someone in a juvenile home telling them
God loves them.  

151.    ROMANS - SAVED BY GRACE:  Write a new Christian telling them how happy you are for them.  

152.    1 CORINTHIANS - BE MORAL AND LOVING:  Write and act out a video taped skit about doing right when you
friends try to get you to do wrong.  

153.    2 CORINTHIANS - FORGIVENESS:  Send a note to someone who offended you and say you forgive them and
love them.  

154.    GALATIANS - FRUIT OF SPIRIT:  Bring fruit, label    them after the fruits of the Spirit, put them in a basket and
give to a widow.  

155.    EPHESIANS - ARMOR OF GOD:  Draw pictures of   the armor of God, and send them with a note to a Christian

156.    PHILIPPIANS - VIRTUES:  Make posters depicting each of the Christian virtues to be put on a bulletin board.  

157.    COLOSSIANS - JESUS' DIVINITY:  Write poems about believing in Jesus and ask if they can be printed in the
church bulletin.  

158.    1 THESSALONIANS - CHRISTIANS'  RESURRECTION: Make pictures of our resurrection to send to residents of
a nursing home.  

159.    2 THESSALONIANS - FALSE TEACHERS:  Write a newspaper ad telling people to read the Bible for
themselves, and to come to church.  

160.    1 TIMOTHY - FAITHFUL MOTHER:  Write a note of encouragement to a lady raising her children alone.  

161.    2 TIMOTHY - FAITHFUL TO DEATH:  Write an older Christian thanking them for remaining faithful all their lives.  

162.    TITUS - ELDERS AND DEACONS:  Write the elders' and deacons' wives thanking them for assisting their

163.    PHILEMON - RUNAWAY:  Send notes about God's love to send to an organization working with teen runaways.  

164.    HEBREWS - LAW FULFILLED:  Make transparencies comparing the Jewish and Christian  (material and
spiritual) blessings and ask the preacher if he'd like to use them in a sermon.  

165.    JAMES - FAITH AND WORKS:  Take photos of your class doing good works to send to local newspaper.  

166.    1 PETER - PERSECUTION:  Send notes about God's love to a juvenile home.  

167.    2 PETER - FALSE TEACHERS:  Sing a song about following the Bible and ask a local radio station if it can be

168.    1 JOHN - JESUS' IS GOD:  Write thank-you notes to Jesus for coming to earth to show us how to live and ask if
they can be printed in the bulletin.  

169.    2 JOHN - CHRISTIAN WOMAN:  Send thank-you notes to  Christian lady you know who does a lot of   Christian

170.    3 JOHN - FELLOW WORKERS:  Write notes to your elders thanking them for leading the congregation to help

171.    JUDE - STAND UP FOR JESUS:  Tape record songs about standing up for Jesus and send to a shut in.  

172.    TIMOTHY:  Write encouragement notes to a woman raising her children alone.  

173.    TITUS:  Write a thank-you note to your youth director or someone who helps the young people.  

174.    PHILEMON AND HIS RUNAWAY SLAVE:  Contact an organization that works with runaways, and send them
notes for them saying God loves them.    

175.    JOHN ON THE ISLE OF PATMOS:  Write poems about heaven and send them to residents of a nursing home.
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