HINT:  The Payment for Sin is Death

He Had to Have a Body So He Could
Die & Come Back To Life
WHAT IS SIN?  Since God created us, sin is whatever he says is sin.  Shall the vessel tell the potter what to think and do?  
(See Isaiah 29:16)  Since God is Love, anything that ultimately hurts his creation (we, the vessels) is sin.  Sin and evil are the
same thing.   The sin of lying is just as serious as the sin of murder.  (See Revelation 21:8)  Most sins are sins of attitude that
lead to sins done by our body.   Lists of sins are scattered throughout the Bible and nearly always overlap.  (See for example
Galatians 5:19-21)

WHAT IS DEATH?  The English word “death” literally means separation.  In a physical sense, it is separation from this world
when our body dies.  God told Adam after he sinned, “You were taken from the dust and to dust you will return” ~ body
death.  (See Genesis 3:19)   In a spiritual sense, it is separation from God who is the Source of all life, for God is Life ~ soul

WHAT CAUSES DEATH?  The first mention of death in the Bible is where God told Adam and Eve not to eat of a certain tree
which he named, the “Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil”.  There was nothing special about the tree itself, but it was the
very act of disobeying by eating its fruit that created a personal knowledge of evil in their lives.   (See Genesis 2:17)    Because
of their sin, the “Tree of Life” was taken away from man (See Genesis 3:22)  Soul death ~ spiritual death ~ is caused by our
sins.  (See Ezekiel 18:4)   Everyone sins, and the payment we must pay for sin is body death and soul death. (See Romans 3:23;

HOW TO GET RID OF SIN & DEATH.   Everyone sins.  (See Romans 3:23)  God is perfect goodness.  Therefore, he cannot
co-exist with sin or people who sin and we cannot join him in his sinless heaven.  This was a problem because God loved us
and wanted us to live with him forever.  The only way to get rid of sin was for someone to pay the death penalty.  This is
similar to someone going to court for committing a crime; once we pay the fine or serve the jail time, then the crime is no
longer held against us.  We are free.  God’s solution was to let someone take the blame for our crimes (our sins), and pay our
penalty for us ~ death.

SUBSTITUTE BODIES DIE FOR US.  The first time we see God allowing animals to die in our place is when the Jews fled
from Egypt.  All those willing to kill a lamb and put its blood on their doorpost were spared their first-born dying.  (See Exodus
12:12-13)  This was a test of faith.  All the Jews did it, and also some of the Egyptians did.  (See Exodus 12:37-38)

In the Law of Moses, arrangements were made for people to kill an animal in their place whenever they sinned.  Also, once a
year, there was a special sacrifice that the high priest made of a bull and a goat for all the Jews at one time, and the animals’
blood was sprinkled in the temple.  This was called the “Day of Atonement”.   (See Leviticus 16:3, 6, 15-16, 32-34.  Also see
Hebrews 9:7)  Both the body dying and the blood being shed were important.

PERFECT SUBSTITUTE ANIMALS.  Always the substitute sacrifice had to be completely without defect or blemish.  It
couldn’t be blind, injured, maimed, have warts, etc.   (See Leviticus 4; 22:21-22)  But the perfect animals were only a
temporary solution; they were only an acknowledgment of sin, but not forgiveness.  (See Hebrews 10:3-4)

PERFECT SUBSTITUTE PERSON.   Jesus, a part of the Godhead, entered the body of a human so he could be the final
substitute. (See Colossians 2:9-10 and Hebrews 10:5)  Jesus never sinned; he was perfect.  (See 2nd Corinthians 5:21;  
Hebrews 4:15)   He was called the Lamb of God that would take away the sin of the world.  (See John 1:29 and 1st Peter 1:

JESUS HAD TO HAVE A BODY WITH BLOOD.  He was to die a bloody death in our place for our sins.  (See Romans 5:6-9;
Ephesians 1:7)  The blood of Jesus was to purify us from all our sins.  (See 1st John 1:7)   He paid the death penalty, thus
purchasing the freedom of all nations throughout the world.  (See Revelation 5:9)

WHAT DID HIS CRUCIFIXION ACCOMPLISH?   He did away with the old Law of Moses with its over 600 laws including
animal sacrifices.  (See Colossians 2:14)  He took the blame for every sin committed by every person since the beginning of the
world (See 2nd Corinthians 5:21 and I Peter 2:22-24)  He suffered complete separation from God ~ spiritual death.  (See Mark
15:34)  Then he suffered complete separation from this world ~ physical death ~ and was buried.  (See John 19:40)  

A SECOND CHANCE AT LIFE.  Jesus did not stay dead and buried.  He came back to life and was seen by over 500 people.  
(See 1st Corinthians 15:6)  Thus, he accomplished something else for us ~ he conquered death.  He opened the way to eternal

BUT HEAVEN IS GOD’S HOME.  Heaven is God’s home, not ours.  (See 1st Kings 8:39)  God has a door to his home just like
we have a door into our home.  (See Revelation 4:1)   Just as we are not obligated to open the door to just anyone who wants
in, God is not obligated to open his door to just anyone either.  Further, just as we are not obligated to let just anyone into our
home who wants in, God is not obligated to let just anyone into his home who wants in.  

IT IS NOT AUTOMATIC.  Christians are identified as disciples, and Jesus’ disciples are identified as those who obey his
commandments.  (See Acts 11:26. John 8:31 and Matthew 28:19)  We must crucify our sinful nature (Galatians 2:20 and 5:
24).  So, just as Jesus died for our sins, we die to our sinful nature.  Then, just as Jesus was buried in his tomb, we are buried
in a watery tomb of baptism.  Finally, just as Jesus rose up out of his tomb the Savior, we rise up out of our watery tomb the
saved.  (See Romans 6:2-4)  

HOW WE TOUCH HIS BLOOD:  Baptism also represents a purification, a washing away our sins.  (See Acts 22:16).    
Further, through baptism we are clothed with Christ.  (See Galatians 3:27 and Revelation 7:13-15)  In the process, we become
adopted children of God (See Galatians 3:26) and we enter through the door of Jesus into heaven, the home of God.  (See John
10:1,9 and John 14:6).