Concise Survey of the Old Testament ~
First Half of the Bible

And How it Contrasts With the New Testament
(Second Half of the Bible)

LESSON ONE:                                                       
Pre-Jewish Era                                            
4000 BC or earlier                                        

LESSON TWO:                                                   
Creation of Jewish Nation                                   
c. 1500 BC                                                       
LESSON THREE:                                                     
Law of Moses Given                                     

LESSON FOUR:                                                     
The Promised Land                                     
c. 1400 BC                                                          

LESSON FIVE:                                                         
First Three and Greatest Kings                   
c. 1100 BC                                                     

LESSON SIX:                                                            
Civil War and  Fall of Northern Kingdom of Israel  
c. 975 BC

LESSON SEVEN:                                                     
Fall of Southern Kingdom of Judah             
c 740 BC                                                          

LESSON EIGHT:                                                       
Exile and Return to Homeland of                 
Southern Kingdom of Judah
c. 590 BC

Orientation of Whole Bible
Adam and Eve
Cain and Abel
Jacob and Esau

Moses and Exodus of Slaves
Ten Commandments Given
People Without a Country
Death of Moses
Rise of Joshua

Jewish Worship
Levite Religious Leaders
Summary of 600 Laws of Moses

Problem of War
Settling in Promised Land
Ruled by Judges
Judge Gideon
Judge Samson
Judge Samuel

Last Judge Samuel
King Saul
King David
King Solomon

Various Kings
Various Prophets

Various Kings
Various Prophets
Emperor Nebuchadnezzar

Various Prophets
Queen Esther
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