Elizabeth was very shy.  Sometimes her
husband had to work at the Temple in the
city of Jerusalem, but she never went with

Elizabeth was very old too.  And very sad and
lonely.  She had never had any children of
her own.

Her children would have been grown by now.  
She would also probably have had grand-
children.  Her friends had grandchildren who
visited them.  She was very lonely.

One day a miracle happened.  An angel
appeared to her husband to tell him they
would have a son.

The angel said they should name him John.  
Elizabeth would try very hard to raise him to
be strong like a thunderbolt, even though she
was shy.

Six months went by and Elizabeth's baby
John grew inside her.  One day Elizabeth was
surprised by a knock on her front gate.

It was Mary, her very young cousin, who
lived at the other end of the country.  The
angel Gabriel had told both of them they
would have miracle babies.

Elizabeth had not gone out and told anyone
about her miracle baby.  She was too
self-conscious.  They might laugh at such an
old woman having a baby.

But when Mary came, she had to be brave
and a good example to Mary.  So together
they went out where people could see her.  
Some of Elizabeth's neighbors laughed at her,
but most were happy.

Sometimes in the evening Elizabeth and Mary
read the Bible together.  There were places
in it about how children and parents should
treat each other.

Even though she was shy, Elizabeth was older
and wiser.  She explained to Mary how things
in the Bible could help them both raise their

Finally Elizabeth had her miracle baby.  By
this time Mary had been with her for three
months.  Mary was able to hold the miracle
baby.  Then Mary went back home.

Do you know an older person who might be
lonely for grandchildren?  Could you be a
grandchild to that person?

If you pretended to be someone's grandchild,
in a way you would be kind of like a miracle
to them.  They would be so happy.