Salome was Mary's little sister.  Mary
started acting strange one night and wouldn't
tell her why.  An angel had appeared to
Mary, and Mary didn't want to tell about it
to anyone yet.

Mary was not married yet.  By a miracle,
God was the Father of her baby.  Mary
didn't think anyone would believe her.  
Salome did.  She still loved her sister.

Salome's sister married Joseph before God's
baby was born.  Then everyone in the
country was ordered to go to the home of
their great great grandparents who lived
hundreds of years before to be counted and
pay taxes.

The bad king tried to kill Jesus soon after
he was born.  So Salome did not get to see
her nephew, Jesus, until he was three years
old when the bad king died.  

As he grew, Salome loved playing with him,
making things for him, and babysitting for

Finally Salome married a fisherman named
Zebedee and had two sons, James and John.
Sometimes Salome's family and Mary's
family would visit each other.

One day after Jesus, James and John were
grown up, Mary told her sister something
that was hard to believe:  Jesus had actually
performed a miracle!  Salome loved her sister
so she believed her.

After awhile Salome's sons joined Jesus to
travel around the country teaching people the
kingdom of God was coming soon.  They had
no money, so Salome and Zebedee gave them
money for food and places to spend the night.

Salome and Mary had a cousin named John
the Baptist.  He was the son of Elizabeth
and Zacharias, and now grown up too.  The
king got mad at John and had him killed.  
The two sisters cried together and hugged
each other.

The cruel king wanted to kill their sons next.
Salome could have gotten mad at her sister
because Jesus was causing bad people to get
mad and want to hurt them.  But Salome
loved Mary no matter what.  They were

The good people loved Jesus and wanted to
make him their king on earth.  Jesus did not
want that because he preferred to be king of
their lives and live in their hearts.

Salome asked Jesus to make her sons, James
and John, important officers in his kingdom.  
She did not understand.  For awhile the sons
were mad at each other.  But sisters Mary
and Salome kept being friends.

The people got mad at Jesus for wanting to
be king of their lives instead of king of their
country, so they let bad people nail him to a
cross to die.

Salome and Mary stood together at the
cross, even though they did not know if they
might be killed next.  Salome loved Mary's
son, Jesus.

After Jesus died, he came back to life.  
Then Salome understood what Mary had been
unable to explain to her when Jesus was
born.  Jesus was the Son of God!

Do you have a brother or sister you do not
get along with?  Try to get along with each
other and believe in each other.

When you are all grown up and your parents
are old, you can still have your brothers or
sisters to help you and love you no matter
what happens.