Anna was born a long, long time ago when
there was peace in her land.  She thought
her life would always have peace in it.

When she was about 20 years old, she got
married and moved to Jerusalem.  They lived
seven happy years together.  Then Anna's
husband died.  Now she was very sad.

Anna got a job at the Temple where she had
a lot of friends.  She went to work every
day and gradually became happy again.

When she was about 30 years old an army
invaded Jerusalem and even went right into
the Temple.  Many houses were destroyed
too, including Anna's.

Anna was given a room to live in at the
Temple.  Gradually the city returned to
peace.  But when she was in her 40s, the
people began to be controlled by armies.

When Anna was about 50 years old, a cruel
man named Herod became king over her
people.  She prayed for God to send them his
special king to rule in love and peace instead.

There was an old man in Jerusalem named
Simeon.  He and Anna sometimes read the
Bible together where God promised to send
his peaceful king to earth.  Anna was now
about 60 years old.

By the time Anna was 70 years old, King
Herod had gotten meaner and meaner.  She
and Simeon continued to pray that God would
keep his promise and send his own king to
rule in peace.

Most people would have decided by now God
wasn't going to answer their prayers.  But
Anna and Simeon still believed.  They knew
God would answer their prayer when the time
was best.

Now Anna was nearly 90 years old.  Simeon
was very old too.  Then one day Simeon
hobbled over to the Temple where Anna still
lived to give her the wonderful news!

"He's coming!  He's coming!" Simeon told
Anna.  "The new king of peace sent by God is
coming soon!  We'll see him with our own

Sure enough.  One day in walked Mary,
Joseph, and little baby Jesus.  But the king
of peace was just a baby.  How could a baby
rule?  The baby had to grow up, and then he

When Jesus was grown, he ruled in peace,
but not like other kings.  He is in heaven and
rules our hearts.  He tells us to love and be
at peace with others.  Then he is our very
own personal king.

Have you been praying for something you
don't think God is sending you?  Maybe, if
it's a toy you want, instead of looking in
stores, you should look around at things in
nature.  God answers prayers in a more
special way than we often expect.