On the night Jesus was born, a bright star
appeared in the sky over Palestine.  One of
the places it was seen was in the land of
Persia a thousand miles away.  (Persia is
today's Iran and Iraq.)  The king wanted to
know what the star was a sign of.  

The king's religion was one of trying to make
everyone happy by accepting all gods as true
gods.  He didn't believe religion could be
proven to be true anyway.

He thought there were many gods.  He
thought there was a god in charge of trees,
another one in charge of fish, another in
charge of stars and so on.  No one had ever
proven this was true.

The king of Persia had never read the Bible
and did not realize its teaching that there is
just one God who made everything and
everyone in the world and personally watches
over all of it.

The king sent for his wise men who advised
him how to rule his kingdom.  When he saw
the new bright star in the sky, he wanted to
know if the god of stars was trying to warn
him of some danger to his kingdom.

Some of the wise men checked their charts of
the star sky.  But they couldn't figure out by
looking at their charts what the new star

Among the wise men was Vish Taspa, a
member of the Magi Tribe, a tribe of priests.
His religion was Buddhist.  He looked in vain
through his religious books for mentions of a
new star.  The king became angry at him.

Then there was his friend Ashoka, a wise man
from India.  His religion was Hindu.  He could
not find mentions of a star in his religion that
would make sense.  The king got more angry.

Another wise man friend was Dah Ukku who
was too old to serve as a wise man any
longer.  His religion was Zoro-aster.  He
didn't find anything in his religious books
about a star either.  

The king threatened the lives of the wise men
if they didn't find a reason for the star.  He
was afraid the star meant bad news for his

A final wise man friend was Nebo who was
from Babylon.  He had recently become a
Jew.  He knew where he could find writings
that we call the Old Testament.  But no one
paid any attention to him.

Months passed.  The king of Persia was
furious.  He demanded to know the meaning of
the new star.  But his wise men said you
cannot prove a religion is true, so they could
not prove what the new star meant.  The king
became more enraged.

Week after week the king of Persia demanded
an answer.  Week after week Nebo asked the
other wise men to investigate the Old
Testament in the Bible for their answer.  
They just laughed at him.

But finally, after they had tried everything
else, the other wise men decided to give
Jehovah God of the Bible a chance.  They
decided to read what he said in his Bible.

Do you have friends who don't believe in the
Bible?  Do you believe in the God of the
Bible?  It is possible to prove whether the
Bible is true.  If it is true, then Jehovah God
of the Bible is true.  

You will find out how to figure this out in the
next chapter.