Did you ever know someone who talks too
much?  Zachariah did.  

Zachariah also was stubborn.  He believed he
was going to be a daddy some day.  It had
never happened.  But day after day, week
after week, year after year he prayed for a

By now Zachariah was an old man.  But still
he prayed for a child.  People just laughed
at him because he was now too old.

One day Zachariah was in the Temple alone.  
He was praying for two things.  He was
praying for God's promised king of peace to
come.  He was also praying, as usual, for a

Suddenly an angel appeared to him.  He had
a wonderful announcement.  "The king of
peace you've been praying for will be born
soon!" the angel said.

Then the angel said something else exciting.  
"You will have a son of your own soon, and
you will name him John.  When he is grown
up, he will introduce Jesus, the king of
peace, to the world!"

At first Zachariah did not believe something
so wonderful could be true at long last. So
the angel said that, as proof he really would
have a son in his old age, he wouldn't be
able to talk until his baby was born.

Zachariah went home and had to write a lot
of notes to his wife explaining why he
couldn't talk.  He also told her in another
note that they were going to have a baby
the following year.

Finally their baby was born ~ a little boy.
Just like the angel had promised.  They had
a special ceremony for him and announced his
name.  Everyone thought he would be named
Zachariah Junior.  They were wrong.

Zachariah wrote, "His name is John."  Then,
just as suddenly as his voice had gone 9
months earlier, he had his voice back again!  
He told everyone how wonderful God had
been to him and his wife, Elizabeth.

He excitedly told his friends that when his
son was grown, he would announce the new
king of peace to the world.

Zachariah was very old when his son was
finally born.  So he probably was not alive
when his son finally announced the coming of
the king, Jesus.  But his whole life he knew
it would happen some day.

Are there things in your life you have prayed
for a long time and still haven't received?  
Does it make you feel like God is not
listening to your prayers?

Be stubbornly patient.  Just keep praying.  
God may answer your prayer now.  Or he
may answer it after you are all grown up.  
He may even answer it when you are old and
wrinkled.  Never give up!