the KING, the TEACHERS & the BOY
A few years after Jesus was born, the very
cruel king of Palestine died.  Everyone hoped
God would send a better king for them next.

But the cruel king's son began to reign.  He
was even more evil than his father.  He sent
his army after people, even right in the Temple

Joseph and Mary went to the Temple every
year to worship, but they never took Jesus.  
They thought it was too dangerous.  The
Temple was right next door to the palace and
a fortress of soldiers.

Finally, when Jesus was eleven years old, this
evil ruler was sent to a foreign country far
away to live the rest of his life.  He couldn't
hurt people there.  Now things were better.

So when Jesus was twelve years old, it was
safe to take him to the Temple for the first
time.  The Temple and its courtyards were
huge.  In all it covered the area of a large
city block.

Jesus went to the Temple every day and got
into discussions with the religious teachers.  
Even though he was still a child, he had read a
lot of the Bible for himself.

Teachers usually ask their students questions.  
But Jesus was different.  He kept asking the
teachers questions.  They were really surprised.

It seemed like Jesus had read the Bible more
than they had.  Or maybe he just understood
it more.  Sometimes he asked them to find
things in the Bible they claimed were there,
but really weren't.

Jesus nearly always joined his family for
meals.  Sometimes while he was eating, he
thought about the fact that all of us have to
eat for ourselves.  No one can eat for us.

Jesus knew that people, as soon as they
learned to read, should begin to read the Bible
for themselves.  Then we know for sure what
is in the Bible.

If you can read, find a Bible and read it.  A
good place to start is in the middle of the
Bible where the New Testament begins.  This
is about the birth of Jesus.

Even if you cannot read yet, you can memorize
verses (sentences) from the Bible.  Ask the
person reading to you to find a verse for you
to memorize, maybe John 3:16 in the 4th book
in the New Testament.

John 3:16 says, "For God so loved the world,
he gave his only begotten son, that whoever
believes in him shall not perish but have
everlasting life."

That's why Jesus came to the world.  He
wants us to live with him forever in heaven
some day.  Won't that be wonderful?  

Thank you, Jesus, for being born so you could
show us how to live with you in your heaven