After the King of Palestine (Herod) died, and
the next king de-throned, Palestine was ruled
by a foreign governor from Rome named
Pilate.  Governor Pilate's king was the
mightiest man in the world ~ Caesar.

Caesar claimed he was a god, though most
people knew he wasn't.  The people in
Palestine hated Pilate because he tried to
bring flags with pictures of Caesar ~ the
pretend god ~ into Jerusalem.

Judas was a common name in Jesus' time, and
there was one Judas who was a terrorist
commander with hundreds of men following
him to fight the foreign Romans now ruling

Simon was another common name in Jesus'
time.  Simon the Zealot decided to join
Commander Judas in hurting a lot of enemy
Romans so they'd leave their country.  Today
people might call him Simon the Terrorist.

Terrorist Commander Judas led his troops to
a city named after Caesar called Caesarea.  
There he demanded that Governor Pilate not
take his flags of the pretend-god, Caesar,
into Jerusalem.

Instead, the terrorists were surrounded  by
stronger Roman troops who threatened to hurt

Terrorist Commander Judas decided to have
all his men lie down on the ground to let the
Roman troops hurt everyone of his hundreds
of soldiers.

Pilate had just got his job as governor of
Palestine.  He was afraid he would lose his
job if he hurt so many people all at once.  So
he decided to let the terrorists go.  He also
decided not to take the flags into Jerusalem
with pictures of the pretend god, Caesar.

Young Simon the Terrorist heard that John
the Baptist was claiming the Jews would get a
new king soon, so decided to go hear him.

Simon liked it when John the Baptist told the
Roman soldiers to be sorry for treating people

But Governor Pilate did something else to
make the Jews mad.  He spent money people
had donated to the Temple to make pipes to
get water into the city.  Terrorist Commander
Judas was again ready to attack Pilate.

Governor Pilate heard about it and was ready
with his own army who hurt the terrorist
soldiers very badly.  Simon escaped.

After this, nothing much was heard any more
about the terrorist Commander Judas.  Many
of his soldiers got discouraged and quit, just
like Simon.  They began looking for a better
way instead of violence.  Some thought Jesus
was that better way.  Simon decided maybe
he shouldn't be a terrorist any more.

Getting into fights just makes people want to
fight more.  Jesus taught that the best way
to get rid of an enemy is to make him or her
your friend.  

Will you go see someone who you fight with a
lot and try to make friends?  You will be
happy you did.  Probably they will be happy