Sometimes people decide to do what is right,
and sometimes they decide to do what is
wrong.  Everyone has the ability to make
those choices.

Even though we cannot see God, he tries to
influence us to do what is right because he is
love and wants only good things for us.  

There is someone else we cannot see who tries
to influence us to do what is wrong.  He is
Satan.  He does not love us and wants to get
us into trouble and be unhappy.

When Satan tries to influence us to do wrong,
that is called temptation.  Jesus was tempted
too, but he resisted Satan and never sinned.

It was not easy to resist Satan because he
makes sin look like lots of fun and tries to get
us to think God just doesn't want us to have
any fun.

One day, just before Jesus started teaching
people how to live in God's kingdom of peace,
he went out into the desert to think and work
out a plan.

Jesus was out there for 40 days which is over
a month.  Did you ever complain of being
hungry?  Jesus never had anything to eat
during that whole 40 days.  Of course he
became very hungry.

One day Satan put the thought in Jesus'
mind that he could just perform a miracle for
himself and turn some stones into bread.  

But Jesus resisted that temptation because
God did not give him the power to perform
miracles just so he could help himself.  His
miracles would always be to help other people
believe he was the Son of God.   So he went
on being hungry.

{Do you have a talent that you can help people
with, but sometimes you're tempted to use it
to help yourself instead?  Try to use your
talent to help others as much as possible.}

On another day Satan put into Jesus' mind
the idea that he could go to the Temple and
climb to the highest part of the roof and jump
off.  God would surely save him by sending his
angels.  Then everyone who saw it would
believe he was the Son of God when God
didn't let him die.

But that would be tempting God and purposely
putting himself in harm's way just to get God
to give him special attention.  Jesus decided
that, too, would be wrong.

{Do you sometimes do something dangerous like
going out into a busy road because you think
the drivers won't hit you?  It is hard for
drivers to see you, and if someone hit you,
that driver would feel bad the rest of their

Finally, Satan put the thought in Jesus' mind
that he could just force people to believe he
was the Son of God and that way he could
rule everyone in the world.

But God gave people free will; that is, they
can decide for themselves whether they want
to follow Jesus.  Jesus does not force people
to love and follow him.  So he turned Satan's
idea down.  Then Satan left him alone for a
long time.

Jesus loves you very much.  But he will not
force you to love him back.  He will love you
anyway, even though he will be sad you do not
love him.

When Jesus resisted the bad thoughts Satan
put in his mind, Satan left him alone for
awhile.  If you think about both the bad and
good that could come from your actions and
decide not to do the bad, Satan won't tempt
you as much either.  You will be happy and
Jesus will be happy.