Andrew and Philip were children together.  
They went to school together, played
together, and did just about everything
together.  They were best friends.

When they were grown up and got different
jobs, they still were friends.  They got
together at least once a week just to talk
and be together.

The only difference now is that they talked
about grown-up things like who was ruling the
country and who they would like to rule the

"Everyone is talking about John the
Baptizer," said Philip one day.  "He says
we're getting a new king, a good king sent
from God."

"But how can we know for sure God sent
him?" Andrew asked.

"Because God described him in the Bible a
long time ago," Philip replied.

So they looked and looked through the Bible
trying to find out how to recognize the king
that God would send to them.

When they found their answers, they decided
to go hear John the Baptizer for
themselves.  Since there were no radios,
TVs, telephones or computers then, people
had to go in person to where the person was
they wanted to hear.

"He's not here in this city," said Philip.  
"Maybe he'll be in the next one."  

So they traveled and traveled and searched
and searched for John the Baptizer.

Many days later far away at the other end
of their country, Andrew and Philip found
John the Baptizer.  He was telling everyone
to repent ~ to be sorry for doing wrong.

Andrew and Philip knew they were sorry for
everything they ever did wrong, so they
asked John to baptize them too, which he did.

Later they talked to John in private.  He
explained the new king would not rule on
earth.  He would rule in people's hearts ~
the part of our mind that is kind and gets

"Could we stay and help you, John?" Andrew

"We could help with the crowd.  We just
want to learn more about the new king of our
hearts," Philip added.  So John said they

Then one day the new king came for a visit.  
He was Jesus.  Andrew and Philip were
surprised because you usually can't see God.  
But for awhile God let his son come to earth
so we could see him.

They wanted to follow Jesus and help him.  
They helped mostly by bringing others to hear
Jesus speak about getting along with other
people and getting along with God.  

You can be Jesus' helper too, by asking your
friends if they would like to hear about
Jesus.  Then they can become Jesus' friend