Nathaniel grow up near Andrew and Philip.  
But when he was grown, he moved to a town
near Jerusalem at the other end of their

Nathaniel was very honest.  If someone left
money laying around, he never touched it. If
he found something someone lost, he tried to
find the owner.  He never took things that
belonged to other people even if he wanted
them.  And he never lied.

We should all try to be that way.  When our
mother leaves money on a table to use later,  
we should leave it alone so she can find and
use it later.  And if we try to do what is
right all the time, we will not be tempted to

So Nathanael went to work in a shop.  The
owner of the shop knew he could trust
Nathaniel not to steal his money or the things
he had to sell to the paying customers.

Nathaniel, just like everyone else, heard the
new king from God was coming.  He, just like
everyone else, wanted to know how to
recognize the real king from God.  Many
people then were claiming to be God's king,
but really weren't.

"I know what I'll do," said Nathanael one
day.  "I'll read God's Word, the Bible, for
myself so I can find out for myself how to
recognize God's king.

Nathanael sat under a tree and read that the
king would be born in Bethlehem, babies would
be harmed, he would live in Egypt awhile, but
he would finally move up north to live.  All
these things happened to Jesus.

Philip was visiting in Nathaniel's area about
the time Nathaniel figured out the
descriptions of God's new king in the Bible.

"Come meet Jesus," Philip said.  "He's the
king everyone is looking for."  

When Nathaniel met Jesus, Jesus said, "I
saw you yesterday when you were sitting
under that tree."

How could Jesus know that?  Because God
sees everything and everyone.  Jesus is God's
son, so he sees everything and everyone too.

Immediately Nathaniel bowed before Jesus as
the king of his heart from God.  Then he quit
his job and followed Jesus.

Nathaniel knew some of the same people
Jesus did.  Two of their mutual friends were
getting married.  So they got together with
Andrew, Peter and Philip and all went to the

At the wedding they ran out of wine to drink,
which was not very strong in Bible times.

"Fill all those big jars with water," Jesus
said.  When it was done, Jesus told them to
taste the water.  He had turned it into wine!  
It was Jesus' first miracle.

Many of those people didn't believe Jesus
was God's king, but he helped them anyway.  

Every child should be helpful, even if they do
not believe in Jesus.  You can help neighbors,
friends, people in our family.  Think of
something helpful you can do for someone you
know today.