We sometimes decide people are strange
when they really are not.  We may decide
this because someone's skin or hair color is
different, or they talk different, they're
very tall or short, or have habits we're not
used to seeing.

Istar lived in a part of Palestine that good
Jews did not go to  The Jews would not
even talk to these people because they were
different in their habits.

But Jesus loved everyone and wanted to give
everyone a chance to find out about God's

Istar and her family and friends worshipped
idols.  An idol is like a doll that people bow
down to and call a god.  They are not really.

"I have talked all day and I'm tired now,"
Jesus said while traveling through Samaria.  
So he sat down by a well to rest.

Istar came to the well to draw water.  
Jesus didn't act like he thought he was
better than her.  He talked to everyone,
even if they did look, act or talk different
than him.  So he asked her for a drink of

But then Jesus surprised the woman and
said he had water for her too that would
help her live forever.

"This is the water of real life," Jesus told
her.  "And I am that water.  If your mind
and heart drink my words in, you will live

Then Jesus explained a lot of things about
God.  And since Jesus knew everything and
everyone, he told Istar things about her
personal life that she had never told him.  

Finally she realized that he was the new king
sent by God that the Bible had told about
for so long.

Istar was excited.  She ran into town while
Jesus rested more.  "He told me everything
about myself, and all about God too!  He's
the good king from God we have been waiting

The town's people could have snubbed
Istar.  Not only did the Jews not like her,
but her own people did not like her.  She
was a sinful woman.

But they did listen to her, and everyone ran
out to the well where Jesus was waiting.
Jesus told them wonderful things about
God's love and that God asks very little in
return.  They asked him to stay a few days.

The people could not hear enough of Jesus'
words!  His words were so wonderful! So he
stayed several days.

Do people snub you because of your skin or
hair color, language, or something else about
you that you cannot help?  Do you snub
other people for the same reason?  God
made everyone the way we are.  God loves
everyone he made.  So must you and I.