There are all kinds of people who work for
the government.  Chuza worked for bad King
Herod's government, but he was a good man
because he never did the bad things King
Herod did.  Chuza ran all the affairs of
Herod's palace.  He was very important.

One day Chuza's little boy, Asher, got sick.  
Chuza had a lot of money and took Asher to
the doctor, but the doctor could not help
little Asher get well.

Then someone told Chuza about Jesus.  Jesus
had just turned water into wine at a wedding
in Cana.  Cana was not very far away from
where Chuza's house was.

Chuza got on his chariot and raced out of
town, across the rocky hills, and finally to
the nearby town where Jesus was.

"Come help my son!" he pleaded as soon as he
found Jesus.

People thought it strange to be asking Jesus
that.  Sure, he turned water into wine. But
healing a sick boy would be much too hard.

"Go home.  Your son is well," Jesus said.

"That's it?" Chuza replied.  "You can heal
people long distance when they're in another
city?"  Chuza believed Jesus.

On his way home, some servants met Chuza.  
"Your little boy, Asher, suddenly got well!"

"When did it happen?" Chuza asked.

It had happened the exact same time Jesus
said he was well.

Things went back to normal for awhile, but
then another little boy got sick.  His mother
was a servant in a general's house.  General
Demetrius loved little Claudius.

When General Demetrius told his friend,
Chuza, about how sick little Claudius was,
Chuza told him about Jesus.

But General Demetrius was not a Jew.  He
was a Roman and most of the Jews hated the
Romans.  So he asked some Jews to ask
Jesus to heal his young servant boy from
where he was.

"I am not a Jew, so Jesus would not want to
come into my house.  But, if he can command
sickness to come out of people, just like I
command my soldiers to do things, he doesn't
have to be around to make sure the command
is carried out."

When Jesus heard this, he turned to the
Jewish crowd around him.  "This Roman
soldier has more faith than Jews I have met.
You must learn from him."

Immediately little Claudius sat up in bed.  
"Can I go outside and play?" he asked.  He
was completely well!  Jesus had healed
another boy long distance!

Are there people you and your friends think
are not as nice as you, or are maybe too
good at what they do?  If you got to know
them, you might find they are very nice after
all.  Jesus gave everyone a chance.  We must
give everyone a chance too.