We shall call her Esther and her husband
Abel.  Their daughter married Peter.  Peter
was kind of wild and they weren't sure about
him.  But Peter had a kind heart and loved
them anyway.

Esther and Abel had been married a long
time.  It finally got so that they could not
take care of their home, and Abel just could
not go to work any more.  They had grown

Their daughter and her husband, Peter,
became worried about them.  They could not
continue to live alone in their old age.

So Peter, young and strong, built onto his
house.  "Now you can come live with us," he
announced when he showed the addition to
Esther and Abel.

Esther and Abel had their own part of the
house for privacy.  But it was easy for them
to walk to the main part of the house and
visit with their grown children.

One day Peter announced, "I've met the next
king of the Jews.  He is Jesus."  Jesus did
not like people to think he was going to be an
earthly king and only for the Jews, but
people kept misunderstanding.

Peter and some others decided to join Jesus
on a preaching tour around the country.  
They were to be gone a very long time.  

"Your parents are here to keep you company,"
he told his wife before he left.

While Peter was away, old Esther became
very sick.  She finally had to go to bed
because she was so sick.  Abel sat by her
bedside day and night.

Then one day Peter came home.  He was so
excited about the trip and how popular Jesus
had become among the people. But suddenly
he stopped talking about the trip.  

"Where are Esther and Abel?" he asked.

Peter's wife explained everything.  
Immediately Peter ran and got Jesus.  

"Come!  My mother-in-law is very sick.  
Please come and heal her."

Jesus went to the house, looked kindly into
old Esther's eyes, took hold of her hand,
then said with a smile, "You can get up now.  
You're well."

"Hey, anyone hungry?"  Esther said, jumping
out of bed completely well.  "I'm going to
make everyone my very best meal for all of
you."  Everyone was amazed.  It was a

While eating, someone knocked on their
door.  A sick neighbor just heard about the
miracle and wanted healed too.  Soon half
the town was there wanting Jesus to heal

Although Jesus was becoming really
important, he always took time to be with old
people and children, sick people and foreign
people.  Sometimes a smile was all they
needed.  Even you and I can smile at people.  

Why don't you give a smile to someone who is
lonely today?