Zebedee was a fisherman, but not just for
fun.  That was the job he went to every
day.  And he didn't just use a fishing pole.  
He used boats with big nets that he
dragged in the water to get whole schools
of fish.

James and John ~ Zebedee's two sons ~
worked with him.  So did their friends,
brothers Peter and Andrew.  The two sets
of brothers sometimes went with Jesus
when he preached somewhere and neglected
their fishing.

The head of their fishing business,
Zebedee, was getting old.  He was also
getting worried.  If his sons kept going off
with Jesus, how could Zebedee keep his
fishing business going?

They fished at night when fish come closer
to the top of the water.  One night they
fished and fished, but the fishing was very

Zebedee was worried that his fishing
business was going to go out of business and
he wouldn't have an income to pay his bills
any more.  

They went to shore with empty boats and
began cleaning up their nets.

Pretty soon they saw a big crowd on the
beach.  Jesus was preaching to the crowd.

The crowd grew so large that Jesus asked
Peter if his boat could be pushed off from
shore so he could sit in it to preach.  Peter
agreed.  Brother Andrew helped.

After his sermon, Jesus told them to go out
to the deep part of the lake, lower their
nets, and get a big haul of fish.

Peter argued, "Jesus, we fished all night
and didn't catch anything."  But they really
liked Jesus, so did it for him.

As soon as their nets were in the water,
hundreds of fish swam into it.  Hundreds!  
The nets were so heavy, Peter and Andrew
could hardly haul them on board.  They
called to James and John on shore to come
help them.

Finally the two boats were so full, they
almost sank.  As they headed toward shore,
they looked at Jesus in amazement.

No one can control nature but God.  They
knew he had to be the Son of God.  They
bowed down to Jesus.  They wanted to
follow him now more than ever.

Back on shore, Jesus went up to Zebedee
and smiled.  Zebedee understood.  Jesus
had been reassuring him that his fishing
business would be fine with his sons gone.  
So Zebedee shared his sons with Jesus.

Do you ever share something important to
you with others who need the same thing?  
Maybe part of your lunch with someone at
school who forgot theirs?  Or paper and
pencil if a friend ran out in school?  Or
even your time when a friend needed your