Satan wants to be God.  The God we worship
is very, very good.  But Satan is very, very
bad and wants people to hurt.  The God we
worship is stronger than Satan.

In Jesus' day, sometimes someone around
Jesus started acting bad because Satan had
sent a bad angel to their mind to try to
make them bad like him.  It doesn't happen
any more today.

This always happened to people who really
loved God.  Satan is afraid of people who
love God.

One time it happened to a man who went to
the synagogue every week ~ like going to
church every week.  He loved God and didn't
want to be bad.

The bad angel in the man's mind made the
man act up during worship.  Jesus was
there.  So he made the bad angel leave this
good man alone.  The bad angel left for
good.  Jesus was stronger than the bad

Another time Jesus went to a town with a
cemetery that was made up of caves, so was
very rocky.

Several of Satan's bad angels went into the
mind of a man everyone used to like.  Now
he ran wild, usually among the tombs on the
rocky hill.

He kept cutting himself on the rocks and
hurting himself, so his former friends
chained him to a rock so he wouldn't hurt
himself any more.  They kept him fed too.

Everyone was so sad that this once good man
was now acting bad.  When Jesus saw the
man, the bad angels in him recognized Jesus.

The bad angels shouted through the man,
"You're the Son of God!"

But Jesus did not want bad angels telling the
world who he was.  He wanted good people
to tell them.  So he told the bad angels to
be quiet.

They knew Jesus was stronger than them
and their master, Satan.  They also knew
Jesus was going to make them leave the man
alone that they were in.

When Jesus made the bad angels leave the
man alone, the man wanted to go with Jesus
as he preached everywhere.  Jesus told the
man who was now good again to go back home
and tell his friends that Jesus is the Son of
God and loves them.

Do you know anyone who used to be good and
then turned bad?  Their minds are probably

Try going to that person and telling them
God how much he loves them.  Maybe he will
stop being bad then and do the right thing.