Leprosy is a disease that makes people lose
feeling mostly in their hands and feet.  So if
they walk on glass, they can't feel it.  As a
result, they cut their feet.  They can't tie
shoes either because their fingers can't feel
what to do.

Also lepers get big lumps like golf balls on
their face, and sometimes the bone holding
up their nose goes away.  So they usually
become very hard to look at.

When people got leprosy in Jesus' day, they
had to live in camps outside of town away
from everyone except other people with
leprosy.  They were always very sad.

One day a certain man with leprosy heard
that Jesus could heal people.  He went to
Jesus and asked if he would heal him.

Jesus first touched the man's leprosy.  
Everyone was scared to do this because they
were afraid they would get leprosy too.  But
Jesus was not afraid.  Then he healed him.

At another time and place there were some
lepers who lived together in a leper colony
out in the hills.

They had to walk with canes because some
of their toes had fallen off.  They wore rags
because they couldn't get a job to buy new
clothes.  They were hard to look at.

If people accidentally went near them, they
were required to call out to them,
"Unclean!"  "Unclean!".

Not everyone in the leper colony believed in
Jesus.  But ten did.  So they went to the
town where they heard Jesus was.  

As they went into town, the ten kept calling
out, "Unclean!"  "Unclean!"  People got away
from them as fast as they could, and
shouted at them to leave town.  But they

When they found Jesus, they bowed down in
front of him and begged to be healed.  
Jesus was happy to, and all ten of them
became suddenly well.

Nine of them went running off to the homes
and families they had not been able to live
with in a long time.  They were anxious to
begin living a normal life again like before
they got sick.

But one stayed behind to thank Jesus.  He
was the only one who said thank you.  That
made Jesus very sad.

God gives us rain and sunshine so food will
grow.  God gives us cotton and wool for
clothing too.  Do you take God for granted?  
Do you ever thank God for these good things
he does for you?  Why not do so now?