To be paralyzed means you can't feel or
move a part of your body.  Some people are
paralyzed only in the legs or arms.  Some
people are paralyzed everywhere.  Usually a
person's face is not paralyzed.

People today usually get paralyzed because of
a stroke ~ something that often happens to
older people.  Or they may get paralyzed
because someone was careless driving a car
and they were in an accident.

There was a man who was so paralyzed, the
only way he could move around was for
someone to put him on a cot with pole
handles on each side and carry him.

One paralyzed man heard Jesus was in town
and was healing people.  He wanted healed
too.  So he asked his friends to carry him to

But there were so many other people who
wanted to be healed also that he couldn't get
into the house where Jesus was.

So somehow the man's friends got him up on
the flat roof of the house.  They probably
used two ladders ~ one for each man carrying

Once on the roof, they began taking it
apart.  They made the roof hole large enough
that they could lower the paralyzed man still
on his cot down into the house.

Everyone in the house wondered what all the
noise was up on the roof.  Do you think
Jesus had to quit preaching because of the

Jesus waited for the man to be lowered down
to him.  He knew who this man was because
Jesus could read minds, just like God can.  
That's because Jesus is the Son of God.

Jesus knew this man was not very nice.  
Maybe he did one big bad thing, or a lot of
little bad things.  But Jesus did not turn the
man away.

The first thing Jesus did was to tell the
paralyzed man he forgave him of his sins.  
There were some religious leaders there who
heard Jesus forgive the man.  They became
angry because only God can forgive sins.

Jesus said he had the same power from God
equally ~ to heal and to forgive.  Then he
healed the man so that he could get up and
walk and be like other people again.

Do you know someone who is paralyzed?  
Maybe an older person who had a stroke?  Or
someone who was in an accident?  Maybe
you've heard of a famous person who is

 Write a note to one of them and say that
God loves them.