Judas was from a powerful family.  His
ancestor was a close friend of Moses way
back 2000 years earlier.  His family was
very popular.

One day while at the huge and grand
Temple, Judas saw Jesus push over tables
full of money given to the priests.

The money came from taking advantage of
worshippers who needed to buy animals to

Judas liked the kind of power Jesus was
showing.  Judas liked power.

Then he heard that Jesus actually healed
the son of the head of the governor's
palace.  Jesus knew important people in
government too, and Judas liked that.

Judas said he would like to join Jesus as he
traveled.  Jesus knew Judas might be a good
leader, so let him go along.

Then Jesus made him one of his special
Twelve Apostles who traveled with him all
the time.

One day Jesus gave his Apostles the power
to heal.  Judas got that power too.  He also
preached and prayed a lot.  Judas had really

Judas was good with numbers, so Jesus let
him handle the purse where they kept their
traveling money.

Judas wanted to lend the money out
sometimes to collect interest on it, but
Jesus wouldn't let him.  The money must
come from people's generosity and that's all.

Judas wanted to be part of the new Kingdom
of God that Jesus was setting up.  He did
not understand the kingdom would be in
people's hearts.

He was hoping he would get an important job
in the new Kingdom of God.  He thought he
would be living in a palace or the Temple. He
did not realize the new Kingdom of God would
not have an earthly palace or temple.

Do you go to church?  Do you go so you'll
get more friends or so you have a lot of
people to sell school projects like cookies
to?  Those are not very good reasons to go
to church.

We should go to church just because we
want to thank God for his love and goodness.
If you would like to go to church, you should
go for the right reason.