As Jesus became more and more popular, he
needed special helpers.  These helpers he
would call Apostles.  He had many to choose
from.  This is who he chose:

PETER carried a sword.  He liked to do
daring things other people were afraid to try.
You never knew what he might do next.  But
Jesus chose him anyway.

ANDREW seemed to like everyone ~ all
languages, all backgrounds, all ages.  He was
likely to bring people to Jesus that other
people didn't like to be around.  But Jesus
chose him anyway.

JAMES liked to be the head of whatever he
did.  He'd strike people dead who got in his
way if he could.  He seemed dangerous.  But
Jesus chose him anyway.

JOHN was stubborn.  Probably too stubborn.  
He never backed down from what he
believed.  He'd die an old man rather than
admit he might be wrong.  But Jesus chose
him anyway.

PHILIP was too logical.  He always wanted
proof of things?.  If someone told him
something, he had to see the proof.  
Otherwise he wouldn't believe it.  But Jesus
chose him anyway.

NATHANIEL had a hang-up about always
telling the truth.  He wouldn't tell a white lie
for a friend, even if he got in trouble for it.  
But Jesus chose him anyway.

THOMAS seemed to be suicide prone.  Some
call it bravery in the face of sure death, but
others call it foolishness.  Jesus chose him

MATTHEW was a tax collector and worked
for the enemy Romans.  He couldn't be
trusted.  But Jesus chose him anyway.

JAMES THE YOUNGER was just that.  He
was too young to carry responsibility.  And he
dressed kind of like a bum.  But Jesus chose
him anyway.

THADDEUS was way too shy.  It was easy
for other people to run over him and take
advantage of him.  But Jesus chose him

SIMON was an immigrant ~ not born in
Palestine.  He was also a terrorist ~ what
some people called a zealot.  But Jesus chose
him anyway.

JUDAS seemed to be the only logical one to
help Jesus create his new Kingdom of God.
Judas came from an important family.  Jesus
chose him.  But one day Judas would turn
against Jesus.

Do you think you wouldn't fit in if you went
to church?  Or do you have a friend who
doesn't attend because s/he thinks s/he
won't fit in?  

Sometimes those who don't fit in are the
very people God uses to represent him by
telling others God loves everyone.