When we do bad things, often bad things
happen to us.

Jesus loved everyone.  Therefore, he taught
people to do good things so more good would
happen to them.

But some people don't believe that.  They
like to do their bad things too much, so
won't stop doing them.  Some of the
Pharisees were mean and were like that.

They got mad at Jesus because Jesus
wouldn't stop telling them to do good.  So
they decided to surprise him with something

The Pharisees invited Jesus to a dinner.
Jesus went, but no one would talk to him.  
They just wanted him around so they could
be mean to him.

Then they started being selfish and rude.  
Everyone was provided with water to wash
before the meal but Jesus.  Everyone got a
napkin but Jesus.  Everyone got something to
drink but Jesus.

No one told Jesus he could sit down with
them at the table, but he sat down with
them anyway.  The Pharisees were served
food, but Jesus wasn't.

In a little while a woman came to the table.  
She was bad too.  But she was sorry and
wanted to start acting good.

She was so sorry for the bad things she had
done that she just cried and cried at Jesus'
feet.  She cried so many tears that she
washed Jesus feet with them.

She also cried for the bad way the Pharisees
were treating him.  She had been treated
that way a lot of times herself.

Jesus forgave her for the bad things she
had done.  When someone is forgiven, it is
just like that person never did those bad
things at all.

The Pharisees did not want anyone to quit
being bad because they didn't want to stop
being bad themselves.  So they made the
woman leave the house.  Jesus loved her

Do you do certain things over and over that
are bad?  Do unhappy things happen to you
then?  The bad things that happen
afterwards are not punishment from God, but
rather the natural result of your bad actions.

Tell your parents you don't want to do those
bad things any more.  They will forgive you.  
Tell Jesus.  He wants to forgive you too.