Some people have nice things, but never
share them.  Do you have any nice things you
could share?

Joanna was rich and had a lot of money.  
Her husband had an important job being in
charge of King Herod's palace.

One day her little boy almost died.  But
Jesus just spoke a few words, and her little
boy was completely well that very minute.

So Joanna decided to give Jesus some money
for food and supplies so he and his twelve
apostles could travel many places to tell
people God loves them, and to repent so they
would have a better life.

Salome was rich and had a lot of money. Her
husband owned a fishing business.  They had
a big house and everything.

Jesus chose two of her sons ~ James and
John ~ to be his special Apostles and lead
the new kingdom of God when it came.

So Salome decided to give Jesus money
sometimes too, to help pay for his travels.

Suzanna was rich and had a lot of money.  
She not only wanted to give Jesus money, but
she also wanted to travel with him and his
Apostles to help out.

Then, when Jesus preached and women
decided to follow his good ways, she could
give them advice.  Joanna and Salome
decided to go with Suzanna.

Mary Magdalene was rich and had a lot of
money.  There had been some bad angels
called demons in Mary, and Jesus made them
leave her alone.

Mary Magdalene decided to give Jesus money
to help with his travels.  She also decided to
join the other women to travel with Jesus
and help out.

Another Mary was rich and had a lot of
money.  Jesus had made two of her sons ~
Matthew and James Jr. ~ his special

This Mary decided to give Jesus and his 12
Apostles money to help pay for food and
supplies.  She, too, joined the other women
to help with the women and children wherever
he taught.

Do you know anyone who has fewer clothes
and toys than you do?  

If you get an allowance, you can use a little
of it to help other children.  For example,
you could help a child who forgot lunch money
for school.  

Or you could take a little toy to a child who
doesn't have much.  Will you try it?  You will
make Jesus happy.