Jesus lived 2000 years ago.  People didn't
have computers and copy machines then, or
nice print like you see in books.

So people called scribes copied words.  Most
scribes spent their time copying religious and
government laws  and other legal things so
people could have their own copies.

Many scribes got so they understood laws so
much that they decided to become lawyers.  
Lawyers explain the law to people to show
them how to live by the law, or to show how
they broke the law and may be punished.

Some people didn't want to be good, so
followed Jesus around saying things to try to
convince his followers Jesus was bad.

"Jesus, you didn't wash your hands or say a
prayer before you ate," one of them said.  
"Our Temple creed says you have to."

Jesus replied, "Who made you judge over
religion?"  The creed came from men trying
to be important, but it was not from God.

"Besides," Jesus added, "You obey whatever
religious rules you like, and pretend the rules
you don't like aren't there.  You act like
you're so religious, but you're hypocrites."  
Hypocrites are like actors who only pretend.

Jesus continued.  "Even parts of God's word
you pick and choose.  God said to support
your parents when they get old.  Instead,
you give the money to the Temple where you
will get praised."

Another time the scribes and lawyers
reminded Jesus to love his neighbor as much
as he loves himself.  Jesus told them they
refuse to help their neighbors if they are a
different color or religion or language.  They
were hypocrites.

No matter how the scribes and lawyers from
Jerusalem tried to trap Jesus into looking
bad, they couldn't do it.  Jesus knew God's
word better than they did.

Sometimes even religious leaders quit being
good.  But they like being leaders, so they
are only bad when no one is looking.  That
makes them hypocrites ~ actors pretending to
be good.

Jesus said we should be careful which
religious leaders we follow because some of
them aren't what they seem.

Do you ever go to church and pretend to be
good there, but go home and hit someone or
lie or take someone's toy?

God can see us all the time ~ when we're
good and bad.  Everyone should try to be
good even when people are not looking
because God is looking.