Satan used to be a good angel for awhile,
but then he became a bad angel.  God made
him leave heaven so he would quit trying to
get the good angels to be bad with him.

There were some good angels who became bad
by following Satan.  Satan's bad angels are
usually called demons.  

The word "angel" means messenger; so the
bad angels became Satan's messengers and
did things for him.

Although Satan and his angels can never force
people to be bad, they sometimes gave them
diseases or handicaps to get them to blame
God for it.

Jesus did not like the bad angels.  He was
more powerful than them.  So every time
Jesus met someone with a bad angel causing
them to be sick or upset, he made the bad
angel leave the person alone.

One time some friends brought a man to
Jesus who had a bad angel in him causing him
to be unable to see, hear or talk.  (Demons
don't have the power to do that any more.)

Jesus was angry at the bad angels for making
the man handicapped.  He shouted, "Get out
of him right now!"  They were afraid of Jesus
because he was more powerful than them, so
they left the man alone.

There was another man who could not speak
because a bad angel in him wouldn't let him.  
Jesus ordered him to leave also.  So he did
because Jesus was so strong.

There was a boy who had a bad angel making
him fall and shake a lot.  Often he would wait
until the boy was near water, and make him
fall into that.

The boy's father took him to see Jesus'
apostles.  Although they could perform
miracles, they could not make the bad angel
leave the boy alone.  He was very, very bad.

Finally Jesus ordered the bad angel to leave
the boy alone.  Then the boy was well again
and happy.

Jesus' apostles could not understand why they
could not cast out the demon from the boy.  
Jesus explained that some were stronger than
others and required a lot of help from God.

Today that is not the reason people cannot
see, hear or talk, or have uncontrolled
shaking.  That's because Jesus conquered the
powers of demons when he died on the cross.

Do you know someone who cannot see?  Go see
that person and read to them or sing a song.  
It will make them happy.  And you too.

Do you know someone who cannot hear?  Go
see that person and talk using your own sign
language.  Your parents can give you some
ideas.  It will make them happy.  And God too.