the WIND, the WATER & the STORM
Sometimes 100s or 1000s of people followed
Jesus around begging to hear his words or be

It seems they never let him rest.  So
sometimes he got in a boat to get away from
the big crowds for awhile.

One time on a boat with his twelve apostles,
a big storm came up and tossed the boat
helplessly on the waves.

The winds roared and made the waves higher
and higher.  The boat was about to turn over.

Was Jesus scared?  He was fast asleep!  
They woke Jesus up.  "Don't you care that
we're about to drown?" they asked him.

Jesus just calmly stood up and talked to the
wind and water.  He said, "Peace.  Be still
now."  That's all it took.  The wind stopped
and the water became smooth as glass.

Jesus' apostles were amazed.  No human had
ever been able to command the wind, the
water,and storms what to do.  They knew he
was more than human.  He was God the Son.

Another time Jesus' apostles went out in
their boat without him.  Once again a terrible
storm came and filled their boat with water
way out in the middle of the big lake.

Jesus knew they were in trouble because he
can see us everywhere we go.  So he decided
to go to them by walking on the water.

Jesus wasn't afraid.  So he leaped out onto
the waves, the wind blowing in his hair, and
just laughed and had such a good time.  He
looked like he was riding a skate board,
though nothing was there but deep water.  

Soon he was in the middle of the lake.  When
his apostles saw him walking on the water,
they thought he was a ghost.  They screamed
in fear.

Jesus just laughed and said, "It's just me!"

Peter decided to join the fun on the water,
so Jesus told him to come on.  Peter walked
on the water a few minutes, then got scared
and started to sink.

Jesus grabbed hold of Peter and helped him
back into the boat.  As soon as Jesus got in
the boat with his apostles, the storm stopped
and the sky was sunny.  Jesus loves to take
care of us.

Maybe the next time you see people around
you afraid of anything, you can tell them that
God will take care of them.