Do you know what it means to be jealous?  
It means you want to have someone else
has, or you want to be as important as
someone else is.

Jesus grew up in a little town named
Nazareth with other boys and girls.  They
laughed and played together and went to
school together.

Later they were teenagers together.  That's
when they decided what kind of job to have
so that, when they were all grown up, they
could buy their own food, clothes,
transportation and place to live.

"I'm going to be a carpenter just like my
father, Joseph" Jesus told his old friends.  
He learned to make tables and benches,
cabinets and doors and even toys for
younger girls and boys.

Jesus learned how to go up the high hills
and pick out good trees to cut down for
lumber, then how to drag them down the hill
pulled by a strong oxen or two large
donkeys.  He also knew how to split the
rounded sides off the logs to get straight

Jesus was a carpenter until he was 30 years
old.  Then he moved away and began
traveling and telling people about God's love
for them, and healing them.

Jesus became very popular everywhere.  One
time he went back to the little town of  
Nazareth for a visit.  His sisters still lived
in Nazareth because they had married young
men there.

On the Sabbath day, Jesus went to the old
synagogue church where he had worshipped
growing up.  "Would you read out of the
Bible for us?" they asked.

Jesus read where a prophet told about
Jesus, many years before Jesus was even
born.  It said God would send someone to
heal the sick and tell of God's love.  That
someone was Jesus.  He thought they would
be happy.

His old friends were not sure God sent him
because they had known Jesus as a little
boy.  So he healed some people of little
things like colds as proof his words were

Someone Jesus grew up with announced to
the others that Jesus didn't do very good
healings.  Jesus got up and said there were
many there with serious diseases but they
wouldn't ask him to heal them.

Everyone got mad.  "It is Jesus' fault. He
can't really heal people.  He's just a
pretender."  "He's just ordinary," someone
else said.  "He's not from God."

They got so mad that they dragged Jesus to
the edge of the cliff where their synagogue
was to throw him off and kill him. But Jesus

Just because Jesus looked human, it doesn't
mean he was only human.  He proved he was
also God by his amazing miracles.  He made
diseases go away, made handicaps go away,
and even raised dead people back to life.

Do you sometimes get mad at people for
being right?  Try being happy they told you
the truth.