Jesus was getting more and more popular.  
People decided they wanted Jesus to be
their king instead of bad King Herod.

But Jesus wanted to be alone for awhile.  
He was very sad that his dear friend, John
the Baptizer, had been killed.  Although
John was now in heaven, he cried for him
because he missed him very much.

The people searched and searched for
Jesus until they found him up in some hills.
They begged him to tell them more about
the Kingdom of God.  Jesus felt sorry for
them so preached to them.

In no time they realized the sun was going
down and no one had eaten all day.  They
were so far from the nearest town, they
would fall down in weakness trying to walk

So Jesus asked his apostles to find some
food among the crowd.  Andrew found a
little boy with his lunch of five rolls and
two dried fish.

Jesus smiled and said that was plenty to
feed 5000 families.  Then he divided the
little bread and fish into 12 baskets and
told his apostles to hand it out to the
people.  Every time someone took some of
it, more grew back in the basket!

"It's a miracle!" they said.  Everyone was
laughing.  Jesus, too, was laughing.

Everyone wanted to crown Jesus king right
then and there.  Jesus wanted to be the
king of their minds and hearts, not a king
with a crown and castle.  So he sent
everyone away and returned to the hills

Later when he went back to town, a lot of
people went to hear him preach in the
synagogue church.  They wanted more
bread to eat.  Jesus replied that they
could live forever by eating the bread of
his words.  That made them mad.  They all
got up and walked out.

Jesus was all alone now except his twelve
apostles.  He was very sad because people
just wanted Jesus for what he could give
them right now.

Jesus and his apostles left and went to
another country for awhile because King
Herod might want to kill them after he
killed John the Baptizer.

When Jesus returned closer to his own
country, people weren't mad at him any
more.  So some 4000 families went out to
hear him and be healed.  They stayed with
him for three days and ran out of food.  
So Jesus fed tham all with a few dried fish
and little rolls ~ another miracle.

Then Jesus sent them all home.  They knew
he must leave again to be safe from King
Herod.  They still wished he would become
king instead of bad King Herod.

God can take a little seed that is in the
ground and make it grow into a tomato, or
corn, or any kind of food the seed came
from.  God is still performing miracles like
that for you today.