Someone who is foreign was born in another
country and sometimes looks different and
talks different.

Jesus went to a foreign country.  Not only did
Jesus have to hide from bad King Herod, but
he now had to hide from some of the Temple
leaders who were supposed to be good, but
really weren't.  They were all trying to kill

While Jesus was hiding in that other country,
he went into a house and closed the door so
no one would know he was there.

Someone found out anyway.  Her daughter had
a disease caused by a bad angel ~ a demon ~
that made her shake all the time.  She
couldn't walk, and could hardly talk.

Delilah could not dress herself or feed
herself.  Her mother and father cried a lot
for her.  But Delilah was brave and always
smiled the best she could.

Delilah tried going to school.  But the other
children made fun of her a lot.  And Delilah
kept having accidents at school.  Finally she
was told she couldn't go to school any more.

Eunice, Delilah's mother, had heard that
Jesus could heal people.  She made up her
mind that Jesus was going to heal her

Eunice went to the house where Jesus was,
but they wouldn't let her in.  She tried and
tried, and finally figured out a way to sneak
into the house.

Once in, she demanded to know which one was
Jesus.  But his apostles were protecting him
and wouldn't tell her.  Eunice stayed anyway.

Finally she figured out which one was Jesus.  
He was eating and throwing his scraps to a
puppy near him.  No matter how much Eunice
tried to get his attention, Jesus kept eating
and wouldn't pay any attention to her.

"I'm not leaving here until you heal my
daughter," she finally said.  So he turned to
Eunice and gave her all his attention.  She
deserved it.

"Please heal my daughter, Delilah!  She is so
helpless.  We love her so.  Please help her."  
Jesus replied he was too busy helping God's
children, the Jews.

"If you think I'm an animal like that dog,
even animals don't deserve to starve.  Can't
you at least give my daughter a single
healing?"  Jesus was proud of her stubborn

Jesus looked at his apostles.  "That's the
kind of faith all of you should have."  Then he
told Eunice to go home because her daughter
was now well.  He didn't even have to be at
her house to heal her.

When you pray to God, even though you don't
think he is listening, he is.  He may not give
you everything you want, but he will give you
everything you need.