Jesus kept hiding from bad King Herod in a
foreign country.  The soldiers didn't know
what Jesus looked like.  But the common
people did.

Someone spotted Jesus up in some hills and
ran and told the people in town.  Then the
word spread to other towns.

People traveled all evening to get to where
Jesus was.  The next morning Jesus came
out to teach them all about God and getting
to heaven.

But someone interrupted Jesus by banging
loudly on something.  He was mute, which
means he could not speak.  That's probably
because he was deaf too, which means he
could not hear.

Jesus had such little time left to teach
about God, he did not want to get started
healing a lot of people.  He took the man to
where other people couldn't see what he was

Jesus spit on his hands and touched the
man's ears.  Then he touched the man's
tongue.  "I can hear!  I can speak!" he
said.  "I'm going to tell everyone!"

Jesus did not want the bad people to find
him, so asked the man not to say anything.  
But the man was so happy, he shouted
"Jesus healed me!  Jesus healed me!"

Now everyone in the crowd wanted healed.  
Jesus felt sorry for them.  So he spent all
day healing and never got a chance to teach
them about God and going to heaven.  He
left the next day.

Jesus went in another direction to keep
hiding from bad King Herod.  He decided to
go to a big city where he could get lost in
the crowd.

When he got there, he walked around the
city square and saw some homeless men
there.  They were dirty and ragged.  People
didn't like them to go to the synagogue
church like that.

One of the homeless men recognized Jesus.  
He ran and got his friend, Aram, who was
blind.  Jesus took him outside the city
where they would not be noticed.

Once again he spit on his fingers, then
touched the man's eyes.  Aram could see.  
Jesus found out Aram was from another
town and surely wanted to tell his family.

Jesus told Aram not to go back into the city
to tell anyone, but to go back home because
now he could see and get a job.  Now he
wouldn't have to be homeless any more.

Put your hands over your eyes.  That's what
it is like to be blind.  Put your fingers in
your ears.  That's what it is like to be
deaf. Thank God right now that you can see
and hear.