James and John were brothers.  They were
always noisy and bossy, and they got worse
as they got older.

James always had to be head of everything.  
John helped his brother be the leader.  He
would tell bad things about other boys who
wanted to be leader so everyone would want
James to lead them.

James and John were not always nice.  But
they did have a nice side too.  They went to
church ~ what Jews called synagogue ~ and
tried to learn to do right.

Their cousin was Jesus.  Growing up they
always knew he was different somehow even
though he was a lot like other boys.  James
and John never tried to boss him.  Jesus
was a natural-born leader.

When grown, James and John became
fishermen like their father.  Their cousin,
Jesus, became a carpenter like his father
Joseph.  However, Jesus said he had
another Father in heaven.

Once when John and Andrew went to see
John the Baptizer, he announced a big
surprise.  He announced that Jesus was
going to become king some day.  Were they
ever surprised!

When Jesus started healing people, they
knew he would be a different kind of king.  
Jesus said his real Father was not Joseph,
but God.  James and John began to believe

So James and John quit their jobs as
fishermen and began traveling with Jesus as
he told everyone how much God loved them
and wanted them to live a good life.

James and John continued to be best friends
with Jesus.  One time he took them with him
to the top of a mountain.  They saw Jesus
become as glistening as the sun.

Finally Jesus said it was time to go to
Jerusalem where he would become king.  
James and John asked Jesus if they could
be second and third in command over
everyone in the kingdom.  

They still did not understand Jesus wanted
to be king of our hearts and rule from

One night Jesus became scared because he
knew he would be killed in a few hours.  He
went to a garden to pray and took Peter,
James and John with him to help him.

Three days after Jesus died, he came back
to life.  And 40 days later they saw him
actually rise to the sky among the clouds to
go to heaven.  

James started telling everyone to believe
Jesus was really the Son of God.  Some
people didn't want to hear it.  Bad King
Herod didn't either, so he had James killed.

John learned a lesson and didn't force people
to hear about God.  He wasn't so bossy any
more, and lived to be nearly 100 years old.  
In his quiet way he convinced people Jesus
was the Son of God.

Sometimes when you yell, people don't pay
much attention to you or want you to go
away.  But when you become calm, and tell
them the same thing, they listen.