Sin is anything we do that eventually hurts
us.  God made us and wants us to have a
good life.  So he sent Jesus to take the
punishment for our sins so we could live in
his heaven some day.

Before Jesus went to Jerusalem to die, he
trained 72 men to explain to people that
Jesus was the Son of God and wanted to be
king of their hearts.

He asked a lot of people if they would like
to be one of the 72 people he would train.  
He warned them that they wouldn't have a
bed to sleep in if they traveled a lot.  
Sometimes they'd just have to sleep

Some people were willing to do that.  But a
lot of people had excuses not to help
Jesus.  One had to go to a funeral and said
no.  What about people whose hearts had
died and are sad all the time?  But he
didn't want to go.

One woman was helping some little
children.  Jesus asked her to go because
there are many grownups who still act like
children and need God's help.  She was too

But finally Jesus had his 72 helpers.  He
trained them for a week ~ how to go into a
town, how to find people wanting God, and
how to handle objections.

Then he gave them the power to heal people
and make bad angels ~ demons ~ leave
people alone.  This power proved to people
that their words about God were true.

Finally they were ready to go.  He divided
up his 12 apostles who told everyone what
part of the country they should go.  Then
they all left to tell people about God's love.

Several weeks later in late autumn the 72
helpers came back and reported to Jesus.  
Everyone was talking and happy.  People
everywhere wanted to hear about God.

Jesus was overjoyed.  He prayed loud and
clear.  "Thank you, God!"  He told his 12
apostles how lucky they were to see this

Jesus traveled some more around the
country waiting for the right time to return
to Jerusalem.    

He explained that, even if their families
quit liking them because they liked Jesus,
they would have many mothers and fathers,
brothers and sisters among other people
who liked Jesus.

Do you ever tell anyone God loves them?  
People who don't really believe God loves
them get mad.  They are not mad at you;
they are mad at God.  They think God
wouldn't accept them like they are ~ tall or
short, smart or dumb, good or bad.

Most of the time when you tell your friends
God loves them, that will make them very,
very happy.  It will make God happy too.  
Then you, too, will be Jesus' helper.