Our religious leaders are human just like you
and me.  They get colds and their nose
needs blowing, just like you and me.  They
say words wrong sometimes, just like you
and me.

Our religious leaders sins sometimes too,
just like you and me.  Sometimes they get
mad when they shouldn't; that's a sin.
Sometimes they tell bad things about
someone; that's a sin.  Sometimes they
laugh at someone who is hurt; that's a sin.

Jesus is the only one to ever live without
sin.  Not a single sin his whole life! For
everyone else, that is impossible.  Everyone
else sins.

There was a lady who started out good.  
She went to the Temple and learned all
about God when she was young.  But she
started mixing her good life with a bad life.

There were some religious leaders at the
Temple who started out good.  But when the
young lady came to them to learn about
God, they liked her too much.  They liked
her in the same way they did their wives.

After awhile, she was acting like a wife to
some of the religious leaders at the
Temple.  No one tried to stop it.  It made
God very, very sad.  He wanted good
religious leaders.

These religious leaders did not like Jesus.  
Jesus always told people what their sins
were so he could help them stop doing those
things and make God happy.

They also hated Jesus because too many
people liked him and followed him around.  
They were afraid Jesus would make them
quit being religious leaders.

So one day when Jesus was at the Temple
in Jerusalem, they decided to trap Jesus
and make people hate him.  Jesus always
talked about peace and love and they didn't
like that.

These religious leaders took the woman to
Jesus who had been acting like a wife to
some of them when they already had wives.

"The Law of Moses says we must stone her
to death," they said.  Jesus wondered why
they didn't admit they were acting too much
like husbands to this woman.  It wasn't fair
to punish just her.

The men got scared Jesus would tell
everyone they had been bad.  So they
slipped away and decided not to hurt the

Most religious leaders are good.

Forgiveness means you pretend a person
never did a bad thing.  If they never did it,
then they don't need punishing.  Jesus
forgave the woman.

When you do bad things, even if you go to
church, just ask God to forgive you.  He
wants to.  He can forgive you for anything
and everything.  Then, to God you are