Elam was a blind man.  He had been blind all
his life.  Some people would be mad because
they were blind.  Elam was not.

Elam said he could "see" things through his
hands.  He knew vegetables were crispy, so
he decided green was a crispy color.  He
knew the sun was warm, so he decided
yellow was a warm color.  He also felt the
shape of things.  So he didn't need to see.

He had a friend who didn't believe in God
because he couldn't see God.  Elam told his
friend that was silly.  He could see the
world around him and know someone at some
time made it.  

He knew wind existed, even though no one
can see wind.  And he knew his friend
existed, even though he couldn't see his

Since Elam could not earn money for
himself, he sat at the gate of the Temple
and asked people to share some of their
money.  They felt sorry for him, so they
helped him.

Elam knew a lot that was going on inside the
Temple.  Jesus had a loud voice, and when
he preached to people in the Temple court
yard,  Elam could hear too.

Elam also knew that the Temple leaders did
not like Jesus because he was more popular
than them.  They finally decided that
anyone following Jesus could no longer be a
Jew and go inside the Temple.

One day Jesus came to the Temple and
stopped to talk to Elam.  He told Elam that
he had lived his whole life blind so he could
find out just how powerful God was.

Then Jesus healed the man.  Elam could
see!  He was so excited.  He ran home and
told his neighbors and parents and everyone.

When the Temple leaders found out, they
called Elam to a meeting.  Elam would not
change what he was telling people.  He kept
saying Jesus performed the miracle.

So they called in Elam's parents to try to
get them to say Elam had not really been
born blind.  But they knew he had been.

His parents were afraid the Temple leaders
would not let them be Jews and go to the
Temple any more, so they wouldn't answer
any more questions about their son.

So they called Elam back, and he continued
to say it was Jesus who performed the
miracle so he could see.  

The Temple leaders said he could no longer
be a Jew and worship in the Temple.  Elam
didn't care.  He had found Jesus.

Most people will be your friend if you love
Jesus.  But some will not.  If you want
Jesus to stay being your friend, you must
be a friend to Jesus.