Jonathan and Judith went to synagogue
every time the doors were opened.  They
never missed a service or activity.  Everyone
at the synagogue looked up to Jonathan and

After they had been married a little while,
they had a baby boy who they named Elam.  
They loved Elam very much.

But one day they discovered he could not
see.  He was blind.  To know what it is like
to be blind, just close your eyes and try
walking across the room or eating a meal.

It was obvious little Elam needed a lot of
extra care.  But his parents were so
dedicated to the synagogue, they decided to
hire someone to take care of him so they
wouldn't have to stop doing so many things
at the synagogue.

Actually, Elam embarrassed them in public,
so they punished him for it in private.  They
were good Jews in public, but not always
good Jews in private.

Elam felt unwanted.  So when he became a
teenager, he left home.  To support himself,
he sat on street corners with a little bowl
and called out "Alms.  Alms for the poor."  
He lived on the money kind strangers gave

This just embarrassed his parents even
more.  So they made sure not to walk on the
same street where he begged.

There was someone else who embarrassed
Elam's parents and most people at the
synagogue.  It was Jesus.  Jesus was telling
everyone to quit being hypocrites by acting
religious in public, but not in private.

The synagogue announced that anyone
agreeing with Jesus would be kicked out of
their synagogue and the grand Temple and
could no longer attend either place.

One day there was a loud knock on
Jonathan's and Judith's front gate.  It was
their son Elam.  "I can see!" he announced
excitedly!  "Jesus healed me!  I can see!"

When they found out it was Jesus who
healed their son, they made him leave.  
They were afraid they would be kicked out
of the synagogue and Temple.

The leaders of the Temple sent for Elam's
parents to ask if he had really been born
blind and Jesus healed him.

They said their son had been born blind, but
wouldn't admit Jesus had healed him.  They
preferred to be accepted by their old
friends rather than Jesus.

You may sometimes lose friends if you say
you believe in Jesus.  But Jesus made you
and loves you and will never deny being your
friend.  Friends who leave us are not true
friends.  Jesus is your true and forever