Sometimes people try too hard to be
perfect.  They think that if they are
perfect enough, people will like them more.

So they try to draw the perfect picture, or
play the perfect game, make every hair on
their head perfect, sing perfectly, and so

Martha was like that.  She thought Jesus
would love her more if she had a perfect
house and served a perfect meal.

When she heard Jesus was coming to her
house for dinner, she went out and bought
fancy food and brand new dishes.

When she got home she decided her dining
room wall wasn't quite clean enough, so got
soap and water and scrubbed it.

Then she decided one of her recipes for
desert wasn't good enough.  So she went to
see a neighbor to get a better recipe from

Then she decided the dress she was going
to wear for the dinner wasn't good enough.  
So she went to town, bought some fabric,
then came home to start sewing it together.

Although Martha got up right at daybreak,
very early in the morning, it became evening
too soon.  The day had gone and she hadn't
started the meal yet.

Suddenly there was a knock on the door.  
It was Jesus.  She started to cry because
she was not ready for him yet.  She still
had to change into her new dress and fix

She changed clothes, then ran to the
kitchen.  She was in such a hurry she was
dropping things and forgetting her recipes.

She had a sister, Mary, who greeted Jesus
and sat down to talk to him.  He liked it
when people stopped their work to talk to

Martha left her kitchen and complained to
Jesus that Mary wouldn't help her.  Jesus
replied, "What I really want is you.  I want
to visit with you more than your house or
your food."

Do you want to make friends with certain
people, so try to impress them with how
much money you have, or how good your
clothes are, or how fast you can run?

That makes you look better than them.
They would rather you tell them how good
they are.  Then you will be friends.