Martha and Mary had a brother named
Lazarus.  They all lived together in the same
house.  Jesus was good friends with them all.

They lived very close to Jerusalem.  It got
too dangerous for Jesus to go near
Jerusalem, so he stayed in a nearby province
across the Jordan River.

One day he got a very sad message from
Martha and Mary.  They said their brother
was very, very sick.  They asked Jesus to
come heal Lazarus.

Strangely, Jesus did not go to heal Lazarus.  
His apostles thought he did not go because
he might be captured there.  But that was
not his real reason.

Jesus waited several days, then finally said
Lazarus had died.  Now he was ready to go
to Lazarus.  Everyone thought that was very
strange.  It was too late to heal Lazarus.

His apostles tried to talk him out of it.  
"It's too dangerous over there.  You could
be captured by soldiers and killed."  Jesus
sneaked over anyway.

When he arrived, he sent word to Mary and
Martha that he was near the cemetery and
they went out to meet him.  They were
angry at Jesus for letting Lazarus die.

They took Jesus to the cave where Lazarus
had been buried.  Jesus missed his old friend
and cried.

Jesus was not only sad, he was angry.  He
was angry that Satan causes death.  He was
more powerful than Satan and death.  He
decided to prove it to everyone at the

Jesus ordered the stone rolled away from
the cave where Lazarus was buried.  Then he
stood in front of it and challenged Satan.  
No one could see Satan, but he knew he was

He ordered Satan to let go of Lazarus.  
Then he shouted, "Lazarus!  Come out of
your grave!"  So Lazarus woke up and walked
right out of his grave alive.

At first people were frightened, but then
they became very happy.  Jesus told some
people to take the wrapping off of Lazarus
that made him look like a mummy.

We all get angry at death.  We do not want
to say goodbye to people forever.  God does
not cause death; Satan does.  God is
stronger than Satan and death.

Therefore, anyone who believes Jesus
brought people back to life and follows him,
will be brought back to life after they die
too.  They will leave their old bodies behind
and have new bodies where they will wake up
in heaven.  Isn't that wonderful?