Although most priests and preachers start
out being good, sometimes a few of them
don't stay good.  Have you ever known
someone to start out good but did bad

Most priests in Jesus' day were good, but
some chief priests didn't like Jesus and
wanted him killed.  They were afraid Jesus
would get so powerful he would take away
their important jobs as chief priests.

For two years they tried to find a way to
secretly have Jesus killed.  But Jesus lived
in the opposite end of the country where
they couldn't control the people as well.  
They couldn't find anyone willing to kill Jesus.

When the bad chief priests interrupted
Jesus' sermons to try to make him look bad,
Jesus announced to everyone they were
trying to kill him.  Of course they denied it.

Sometimes they followed Jesus around asking
him questions that, if he answered them,
would make people mad at him.  But Jesus
didn't fall for their tricks, and people loved
him more and more.

Jesus kept telling people he was from heaven
and going back to heaven soon.  He also told
everyone about these bad chief priests and
said God did not approve of them.

But when Jesus raised Lazarus from the
dead just a few miles from Jerusalem, the
bad chief priests got madder than ever.  It
proved he was from God, and they didn't
want people to believe that.

Not long after, there was a big parade in
Jerusalem.  Thousands of people lined the
streets and declared Jesus their high priest
and king.

Then Jesus went into the Temple and threw
the sacrificial animals out of the courtyard
where the priests were selling them for a big
profit.  He said the Temple was to pray in,
not sell things in.

Something had to be done.  The bad chief
priests knew they were about to lose their
important jobs.  So they held secret
meetings to decide how to kill Jesus.

They decided to make the Roman Governor
Pilate believe Jesus was against Rome and
wanted to be the king instead of the Roman

They also found an apostle willing to help
them arrest Jesus.  The apostle's name was

It was like everyone was wearing a mask.  
That is what it is like to be a hypocrite.  
They were acting like they were good in
public, but in private they were really bad.

If you go to church, you should not be good
only when you are there.  You should be good
everywhere ~ at school, at play, at home,
visiting friends ~ everywhere.