Everyone in the nation of Palestine was
excited.  They planned to make Jesus their
king.  Word spread that he was about to
enter Jerusalem, the capital city.

Still no one understood Jesus wanted to be
king of their hearts and lives, not a king
with a crown and castle and temple
somewhere.  His castle and temple were in

Mary lived in Bethany near Jerusalem.  She
was Martha's and Lazarus' sister.  They
were getting ready for Jesus to come spend
the night with them on his way to Jerusalem.

In Bible times long ago, the Jews made
people kings and high priests in the same
way.  They didn't give them a crown.  
Someone poured nice-smelling perfumed oil
over their head and anointed them king or
high priest.

Mary wanted to urge Jesus to become king
in Jerusalem.  So she bought some very
expensive perfumed oil from India called
spike-nard.  It was in a beautiful bottle
made of ala-baster.

Sure enough, Jesus came to their house and
had dinner.  Everyone considered it a
celebration dinner.  Everyone was so happy
that Jesus was about to become their king.

But they thought Jesus needed prodded
because he kept telling people he did not
want to be king of just Palestine and the
Jews.  He wanted to be king of the whole
world in everyone's heart.

As they were eating, Mary went to the
other room and got her alabaster bottle of
anointing oil.  She began by anointing his
feet.  She had long hair, and spread the oil
around on his feet with it.  Jesus did not
stop her.

Next Mary stood by Jesus' head.  Still he
did not stop her.  So she poured the
remaining oil on his head.  In her mind
Jesus was now officially her priest-king.

Judas and Jesus' other apostles complained
that the oil had been wasted because a lot
of poor people could have been fed with the
money she spent on the oil.

They were not really worried about the
poor.  They either wanted the money for
themselves, or wished they had thought of
anointing Jesus themselves.

Jesus told them to stop complaining.  "Mary
has anointed me for my burial."  Mary was
upset.  Everyone was upset.  He was talking
about dying again.

Jesus told them,"Mary has done what she
could, and the whole world will speak of her
because of it."

There is not much you and I can do for
Jesus today because we don't see him here
on earth any more.  

But any time we even give a cup of water to
a thirsty person, we are giving it to Jesus.  
There are a lot of things we can do for
Jesus that way.  Think of something to do
for him.