More and more the people wanted Jesus to
be an earthly king and to rule in Jerusalem
from the palace and Temple.

Since Jesus could perform miracles, he could
just wink and all the Roman soldiers and bad
rulers would disappear forever ~ or so they

Plus Jesus knew how to make bread and fish
get big enough to feed thousands, so no one
would be hungry again.  And he could heal
people, which means no one would be sick

They could prove Jesus was God's choice as
king because he was a son many times
removed of King David, and he had been born
in Bethlehem.  The Bible said he should be

But they wanted Jesus for all the wrong
reasons.  They wanted Jesus for selfish
reasons.  They wanted to use Jesus.

Jesus decided to go into Jerusalem and let
them call him their king, but he would do it
in a strange way.

In the days of King David and other kings of
the Jews long ago, their kings rode on
donkeys or mules.  Everyone understood
that.  But Jesus did it differently.  He got
a baby donkey to ride on to enter Jerusalem.

People didn't care.  They laid their robes in
the road so he wouldn't get dusty.  Also,
they had heard thunder, and did not want
him to get muddy.  And they shouted, "Hail
to the grandson of King David!  Hail to our
new king!"

Although branches of palm trees were always
waved on the day once a year that their sins
were forgiven ~ the Day of Salvation in
October ~ they waved palm branches
anyway.  It was a new day of salvation for

The people shouted, "Praise God!  We're
saved!  We're saved!"  Many climbed to the
top of the great wall of Jerusalem and sang
from there.  "Let the King of Glory in!"

Roman soldiers rushed to the parade.  But
Jesus was making no effort to take over the
city.  So the soldiers just watched.

Temple leaders gathered in their upstairs
chambers and looked out their windows when
they heard the shouting.  "The whole world
is going after him!" they told each other

They decided to have Jesus killed by
tomorrow night.  They did not realize that,
even if they did kill him, he wouldn't stay

It is nice to have celebrations about Jesus
with other people.  But it is more important
to celebrate Jesus in our everyday lives and
hearts.  That is where Jesus wants to be
king.  Do you know a song about Jesus you
could sing right now?