The Jews did not much like people who were
Greek.  Is your nationality one that is not
popular?  Do you have friends who are
unpopular because of their color or language?

There were some Grecians who had become
Jews ~ not in their looks or language, but
in their religion.  They were at the Temple
when Jesus arrived after being declared
king by the people.

As Jesus walked through the gates, people
inside the Temple began singing, "Son of
David, save us!  Son of David, save us!"  
They wanted saved from the foreigners who
ruled them.  Thousands and thousands of
people were singing.

The Temple leaders began running around
frightened.  They were sure Jesus would
now fire them from their jobs in the
Temple forever.  They had to have him
killed quickly.

One after another of the Temple leaders
tried to get Jesus to say something that
would get the people mad, but Jesus just
told them that bad people would go to
heaven before them.

The Grecians heard all this.  They wanted
to talk to him too.  They found out Andrew
and Philip were from the end of the country
closer to Greece.  "Would you help us talk
to Jesus?" they asked.

Jesus stopped his speech and made time for
the foreign Grecians to talk to him.  "We
just wanted to thank you for telling
everyone the Temple should be a house of
prayer for all nations."

They had also heard him say he would be
king of the world and that would include
their country of Greece.  So they thanked
him for that too.  Jesus smiled.

Then Jesus became serious and even sad.  
He knew he would have to die soon to
become king of the world.  He turned to
the crowd around him and said, "A seed has
to die and be buried before it can bring
forth food or flowers or grass."

Everyone is afraid to die.  So Jesus asked
the crowd,  "Should I pray to not have to
die?", even though they did not know the
answer.  "No!  I was born to die.  I shall
do it!" he answered for himself.

Then he looked up into the cloudy sky.  
"Father!" he shouted loudly.  "When I die,
make everyone see your glory!"

 Suddenly a thunderous voice. Rumbling!  It
was God.  "I have glorified it! And will

The next day Jesus returned to the
Temple.  He told the bad people who were
there, "I did not come to be your enemy.  
I do not reject anyone.  But if anyone
hears my words and rejects them, they
have rejected me.  I will not force anyone
to be my friend."

Jesus wants to be your friend.  But if you
laugh at him or look down on him or call him
names, or even use his name as a swear
word, he will not force you to be his
friend.  Do you want Jesus to be your