The whole time Judas was one of Jesus'
apostles, he believed Jesus would become an
earthly king and rule from the Temple and
palace in Jerusalem.

Judas was also very greedy.  To be greedy
means you are willing to do anything to get
money, or more toys or better clothes and
so on than anyone else.  You'll lie or cheat
or steal or put it ahead of doing good things.

Actually, Judas was a thief.  It is hard to
believe Jesus would choose a thief to be one
of his 12 apostles.  But Jesus gives
everyone a chance to change ~ even

Judas thought that when Jesus took over as
an earthly king, he would rule the whole
world, and Judas would be one of his
important officials.

If Judas was important enough to the king,
he could have his own castle and lots of
clothes and money, everyone would do what
he said, and he would have lots of friends.

But, even after his big parade into
Jerusalem, Jesus did not take over as king.  
So Judas decided to force him to be king by
forcing Jesus to kill his enemies.

Judas went to the Temple leaders and said
he would help them arrest Jesus.  Judas
thought that, if a lot of Temple guards and
palace soldiers went with him to arrest
Jesus, Jesus would break the chains they
put on him like they were made of paper like
Samson had done long ago.

Judas was even convinced that Jesus would
just point his finger at the guards and
soldiers and immediately they would drop
over dead or even disappear.

But Judas wanted money for everything. He
told the Temple leaders that he would lead
them to Jesus' hiding place if they would
give him 30 pieces of silver money.  In Bible
times, that was over a year's salary for
most people.

Judas knew that after Jesus kept the
Passover meal, he would go out to the Mount
of Olives because that's where he always
hid when he was in Jerusalem.

The guards and soldiers did not know what
Jesus looked like.  So Judas told them that
the one he kissed on the cheek ~ a common
greeting then, like shaking hands ~ would be

That night Judas felt really important
leading the small army out to capture Jesus.
When they put chains on Jesus, he waited
for Jesus to break them like paper, but he

Jesus never tried to escape and never killed
his enemies.  Instead he let them kill him.  
Judas was so upset that Jesus didn't
become king after all, that he went out and
hung himself from a tree.

Sometimes we go to church to make other
people happy or to get a reward.  That is
selfish like Judas.  We should go to church
to learn how to help other people and to give
to others instead of expecting Jesus to give
to us.