Did you ever do something you shouldn't with
friends, then when you were about to be
caught, everyone ran away and let you take
the blame and punishment?  They deserted

Did you ever decide to do something brave
with friends like rescue a cat from a tree,
but when you began to climb, everyone ran
away?  They deserted you.  

This is what happened to Jesus when he was
arrested.  At first his apostles got out their
swords and tried to fight back.  But when
Peter cut off a guard's ear, Jesus just put
it back on and healed him.

A few hours earlier, Peter had bragged he
would die with Jesus.  Jesus told him he
would say he didn't even know Jesus three
times before the end of the night when a
rooster would crow.

So when the soldiers put chains on Jesus and
he didn't break them like paper, his apostles
were afraid they would be chained next and
led off to die too.  So they ran away.  They
deserted Jesus.

Some went this way.  Some went another.  
They scattered everywhere.  Peter and John
stuck together.

They were braver than the other apostles.  
They followed Jesus from a distance to see
what would happen to him.

When they got to the palace where people
told bad lies about Jesus and then beat on
him, Peter and John stayed in the shadows in
the courtyard.

After awhile a servant recognized Peter as
being a follower of Jesus, but Peter denied
it.  Then another recognized Peter again, but
still he denied even knowing Jesus.

Finally a third servant recognized Peter, and
he denied it again.  Just then a rooster
crowed and Jesus was led out where Peter

Peter ran away and cried and cried.  He
begged God to forgive him.  He begged Jesus
to forgive him, and hoped Jesus could hear.

Actually, Peter had gotten closer to Jesus
than any of the other apostles so he was
braver than the others.  They all ran away
and hid.  But in the end, Peter ran away too.

Even after Jesus went back to heaven, Peter
and the other apostles never forgot that
they deserted Jesus.  They vowed they
would never desert him again.  They kept
their promise their whole life.  All of them
were threatened or killed because they
refused to desert Jesus.

Your friends may make fun of you for loving
Jesus.  But it's only because they are afraid
other people will make fun of them too.  
Never let anyone talk you out of being Jesus'
friend.  Never desert Jesus.