While the guards were beating Jesus,
Caiaphas was sending for men who belonged to
the Temple council.

It was almost daylight when everyone finally
arrived.  They had only invited the ones they
knew would vote for Jesus to die.  Good
priests like Nicodemus were not called.

After questioning, Jesus finally said plainly,
"I am the Son of God.  And very soon now I
will sit on the throne of God with my Father
in heaven."

The members of the council voted for Jesus
to die.  But they weren't allowed to execute
him.  They had to get the foreign Roman
government to do it.  So they sent Jesus to
Roman Governor Pilate.

By this time he had been treated so badly
that his lips were swelled and bleeding, some
of his teeth had been knocked out, and his
eyes were swelled almost shut.

The Temple leaders told Pilate he had to pass
the death sentence for Jesus quickly because
they were supposed to celebrate a religious
ceremony that night.

But when Pilate learned that Jesus was from
the province ruled by King Herod Junior, he
ordered that Jesus be sent to him to be

King Herod Junior had been looking
everywhere for Jesus.  He was glad to see
him and talked to him awhile about John the

The Temple leaders got annoyed because
Herod was taking so long with Jesus.  They
wanted Jesus killed before their religious
ceremony began that night.

But Herod sent all the Jews out.  Then he
started hitting on Jesus.  After all, everyone
had said Jesus would take his place as king.  
Herod hated Jesus.

After awhile he had a royal robe put on
Jesus.  A soldier ran outside to a thorn bush
and made a crown of thorns.  That was put
on Jesus too.  Then Herod and his soldiers
made fun of Jesus.

Finally, when Herod and his soldiers were
tired of hitting Jesus, Herod sent him back
to Roman governor Pilate.  Herod gave up his
power to have Jesus put to death.  He
decided to let Pilate do it.

You surely have never been treated as badly
as Jesus was.  Jesus could have called angels
down to stop his enemies, but he didn't.  He
could have broken his chains like paper, but
he didn't.  He could have healed his own
wounds, but he didn't.

Jesus was just beginning to feel the pain that
comes from people doing bad.  He did it
because he loved you and me and wanted to
take the punishment for our sins so we could
go to heaven some day.