The few Temple leaders who were bad next
took Jesus over to Roman Governor Pilate's
palace.  They did not like Pilate because he
was a foreigner ruling them.

But the Jews were not allowed to execute
anyone.  Only a Roman governor could do
that.  "Put him to death!" they cried.

Pilate ordered all of the Temple leaders to
leave.  He wanted to be alone with Jesus.  
Pilate saw how badly the soldiers had
beaten Jesus and felt sorry for him.

He had a long talk with Jesus.  Jesus
answered all his questions because he really
wanted to know the truth.

Jesus explained the kind of kingdom he was
going to rule was "not of this world."  
Pilate believed  him and liked him even more.

Pilate told the Temple leaders he would not
put Jesus to death because he didn't do
anything wrong.  But the men just got

Once a year Pilate let a guilty prisoner go
free as a favor to the Jews.  He told them
he would release Jesus.

But they said they wanted a killer released
instead.  "What am I supposed to do with
Jesus, then?" Pilate replied.

They kept saying they wanted Jesus put to
death.  Pilate replied that he would have
Jesus beaten real bad instead and let him
live.  But they kept shouting that they
wanted Jesus put to death.

Pilate ordered that Jesus be beaten real
bad anyway, hoping the Temple leaders
would change their mind.  But they didn't.

So Pilate ordered a bowl of water brought
to him.  Pilate washed his hands in front of
the people and said he was washing off the
bad that was about to happen to Jesus.

Of course you can't really wash bad off
your hands, but it was another "stand-in"
like bread standing in for Jesus' body.  
The dirt on Pilate's hands stood in for
treating Jesus bad.

It was now morning.  They had been up all
night.  Then Jesus was led away from the
palace to walk up a hill where he would die
in our place for our sins.

Jesus could have stopped the bad way they
were treating him and talking about him.  
He could have just gone to heaven right
then.  But he stayed.  Why?  Because he
loved us.