Do you remember Satan, the bad angel?  
Satan loves to punish people.  But once he
punishes, the price has been paid for doing
the bad thing, the sin.

Jesus took the punishment for all of our sins
so Satan couldn't punish us any more.  
Satan is happy when people obey him by
doing bad.  Then Satan can insist all bad
people be punished by dying forever.

Everyone has obeyed Satan in their mind
sometimes and done bad things.  But Jesus
didn't want us to die forever, so he died in
our place.

To die forever means that we cannot come
back to life after we die and live with God
in his heavenly home.  

What is heaven like?  It is full of light.  
Therefore, if we don't live forever in
heaven, we will be where there is no light ~
where it is dark all the time.

Heaven is full of sweet incense like scented
candles.  Therefore, if we don't live forever
in heaven, we will be where it is smelly all
the time.

Heaven has a foundation, which is like the
bricks holding your house or apartment up
off the ground.  Therefore, outside of
heaven there is no foundation, but just
something with no bottom.

Heaven has walls to keep us safe inside.
Therefore, outside of heaven there is
nothing to keep us safe.

Heaven is full of happy people with no
tears.  Therefore, outside of heaven are
only unhappy crying people.

Since Jesus was taking our punishment for
us, he had to go where there was no heaven
to let Satan punish him with the forever
death.  It was terrible there in Satan's
home.  Satan laughed because he likes
people to suffer.

Jesus took our death punishment for us, and
broke into the forever death place of
Satan's home in our place telling Satan,
"Punish me, not them!  Punish me!"

But Jesus was stronger than Satan and
stronger than us.  He broke out of Satan's
forever death, Satan's home.  That is
something we would never be strong enough
to do.

Then Jesus told the whole world just to
believe he took our place, then follow the
things he said and did in his life, and he will
let us live with him and his father in their
safe home ~ heaven.  But he will not force
us to follow him.

Jesus loves us more than we can imagine.  
He loves you, your family, your friends and
everyone in the whole world.  He did
everything he could to save us.  Aren't we