Joseph was born in Ari-Mathea, but now
lived in Jerusalem.  That is because he was a
priest.  Joseph was a good and honest priest.

He loved God.  He had watched Jesus be
lied about so bad people could put him to
death.  But Joseph refused to vote to kill
Jesus.  He loved Jesus.

However, Joseph did not do very much to try
to stop them from crucifying Jesus.  Now he
was very, very sorry.

Nicodemus was another good priest, one of
the Temple leaders.  He and Joseph were
friends.  Although they believed in Jesus,
they didn't let their other priest friends
know because they were afraid of them.

After Jesus died, the two friends met and
said they could not hide their belief in Jesus
any longer.  They had to tell everyone they
believed Jesus was the Son of God, even if it
meant losing their jobs as priests.

So they went to Governor Pilate and asked if
they could take Jesus' body off the cross
and give it a decent burial.  He said they

The two good priests went to the market and
bought 75 pounds of spices to wrap all around
Jesus' body in strips of cloth like a mummy.  
75 pounds is about how much you weigh.  
That was a lot of spices, wasn't it?

Then, even though they had on fancy priest
robes, Joseph and Nicodemus went to the
cross to take Jesus' body down.  It was
bloody and dirty.  They didn't care.  They
loved Jesus.

They pried the nails loose from his hands and
feet, then gently lowered him onto a cot.
They picked up the cot and walked carefully
to a garden at the bottom of the hill.

People in Bible times where the soil was hard
were often buried in caves.  Joseph's own
burial cave was there in the garden.

There was a spring of water in the garden.  
They washed Jesus the best they could.  He
had a lot of wounds from the beatings and

Then they put the spices in the strips of
cloth and wrapped him up in it.  Finally they
put him in Joseph's brand new burial cave
and rolled a stone across the entrance.

The same day Jesus died, the Jews killed
their Passover lambs to eat that night.  The
Jews had already killed Jesus, God's
Passover lamb.  Jesus had planned it that

Just like Joseph and Nicodemus, sometimes
we don't tell people that we believe in
Jesus.  We're afraid they'll get mad at us,
or make fun of us, and not want to be our
friends any more.

Would you like to tell your friends about
Jesus?  Maybe they've been told Jesus
doesn't like them.  Tell them Jesus loves