Although most priests were good, the
Temple few bad priests were still afraid of
Jesus, even after he died.  Jesus had told
everyone he would come back to life after
three days.  They wanted to stop it.

So they asked Governor Pilate to send
soldiers to guard the tomb and keep Jesus
from escaping.  Or his friends might try to
take his body out and hide it, then claim he
came back to life.

They knew that an empty tomb would prove
to the people he had come back to life.  So
Pilate said they could seal it as good as
possible, and use their own Temple guards.

The Temple guards went to the tomb and
sealed the large stone in the doorway with
concrete and chains so no one could break
into it.  Then they stayed to catch anyone
who tried.

Jesus was in the tomb three days and three
nights.  Now it was time for him to beat
Satan with one last thing.  

Satan loves for people to die.  But Satan
cannot keep them there if they believe God
can bring them back to life.  

Satan tried to hang on to Jesus in death,
but Jesus was stronger.  Jesus returned to
his body.

Suddenly there was a great earthquake, an
aftershock of the earthquake that occurred
when Jesus died.

A strong angel as bright as the sun suddenly
appeared in the garden, broke loose the
concrete and chains around the big stone
over the tomb doorway, then threw the big
stone it aside like it was made of feathers.

The guards saw it all and were so terrified
they could not move.  How do you fight an
angel?  Then Jesus walked out of his tomb
alive again.

About the same time, Mary Magda-lene
showed up.  She saw the angel, and the
angel talked to her.  The guards warned
her, "Run for your life!" but Mary stayed
with the angel.

The guards did run.  When they got back to
Jerusalem, they went immediately to the
Temple to report in.  They told the Temple
leaders what happened.

The bad Temple leaders told the guards to
lie and say they saw some people come steal
Jesus' body.  But how could they have?   It
was sealed with concrete and chains.

Some people believed the lie, but a lot of
other people didn't.  A lot of people became
happy.  "He did it!" they told each other.  
"Jesus came back to life!"

Do you believe Jesus came back to life and
defeated Satan's death for you and me?  
By believing Jesus and doing the types of
things he did during his life, you too can
come back to life to live forever.