Jesus' apostles were hiding in a locked
house.  They were afraid they would be
found and crucified next.  

As they hid, they cried.  They had deserted
Jesus.  Now their leader was dead.  They
were so very sorry and so very sad.

Nothing could stop the pain in their minds
and hearts.  They couldn't work, they
couldn't eat, they couldn't do anything but
stare and cry, stare and cry.  How they
missed Jesus.

When Mary Magdalene arrived and told them
Jesus was not in the tomb, Peter and John
rushed to the garden to see for themselves.

John arrived and stood in the entrance
wondering why Jesus' body was not there.  
When Peter arrived, he rushed right inside
the cave.  John followed him in.

What they saw amazed them.  The bands of
cloth with spices were still wrapped up in the
shape of a body. But it was hollow. Jesus'
body was not inside.

Then they noticed the cloth that had been
wrapped around Jesus' head.  It was
separate from the body cloths.  It, too,
still held its shape but was hollow.

John laughed.  "He did it!  He came back to
life!"  Peter thought it was a bad joke and
got mad at John.  Then they returned to
their locked house in Jerusalem.

That is when Mary Magdalene stayed behind
and saw Jesus.  Peter and John did not know
this because they were already gone.

Back in hiding at the locked house, the
apostles were still so very, very sad.  They
sat and stared or walked back and forth and
stared.  And they cried.  

Finally Peter could stand it no longer.  He
left the house.  He worked his way back to
the Mount of Olives where Jesus had prayed
for help and where the apostles deserted

Peter sat down and cried some more.  He
remembered following Jesus to the palace
and denying he knew him three times.  He
remembered how Jesus looked at him so
sadly when he did.

Peter cried and cried.  He begged Jesus
over and over to forgive him.  How could he
go on living?  All Jesus did was love him.  
He had betrayed the best friend he ever
had.  He had betrayed God's Son.

Suddenly there was someone standing in
front of Peter.  It was Jesus.  At first
Peter was afraid, but Jesus smiled.  Jesus
told Peter he forgave him and wanted to be
best friends again.

Have you ever told anyone you didn't know
anything about Jesus?  Have you ever stayed
silent when you could have told people you
believed in Jesus?  Jesus forgives you.  

You can start over now.  You can still tell
people about Jesus' love.  Who will the first
person be?